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Yes. I've never had fried chicken quite tasted like. Unique flavor all tone. Maybe it was reminiscent to the plastics that they put in it. I think at the time. Preservatives or press the preservatives, a unique taste. So that was good. Life was never met. No. So so Jack, were you at the forty nine or Super Bowl? We were after that game. How long did it take the two of you to have a private conversation with Jim and I or John and Jim, and Jim or John either way. After. Two things, you know, Jim, how, how? How often do you speak you dead before? An important game we're event and and when you win and you have a big victory in life, how long does it take you to call you dead? Because I know I make that call pretty quick myself and curious. Echo comes real quick. We knew and John nobody sells celebrates a win like the Harbaugh's to. There's there's no question about it leading up to the game. He was. He was Jack Harbaugh, Jackie Harbaugh were good. They weren't. They weren't rooting for either team. There were they, they came by, you know, our team hotel and they went by John's team hotel and they were. They were good. They were good. And then after the game, right after the game, my dad was came down to the locker room was one of the first people to talk to me after the game a hug. So who did you speak to? I John Thanksgiving Day two thousand eleven. Oh thanksgiving. When the ravens played the forty nine, that was thanksgiving night thanksgiving evening. That was his fiftieth wedding anniversary next day was our Our fifth. fiftieth wedding anniversary. Can you imagine, who did you speak to? I after that, oh, John went to John and talk to him, and then and then came to Jim, and I got to quivering lip and the the beady eyes. And you know the. Those moments and. The Super Bowl was such a fantastic experience right up until kickoff when the ball was rolling end over end down to the other end of the field. I looked at my wife and I said, what are we in for understanding that any kind of emotion at all would signal that you might favor one over the other? So for three and a half hours, maybe more so with the delay with the lights going out. But we, we didn't make any movement at all in scratch. Our head didn't raise our arms, didn't smile. Didn't do anything for fear that there might be might be an indication or a camera that would show that we would prefer one over the other. So do you think that when a lights out at affected the game? I don't know. Jim, what do you think? Did it feel different? We had had a little experience with it. Actually, we had I might have been our second or third time. It was leased our third time. Maybe our fourth time that the lights had gone out on us. It happened already twice a candlestick. It once a Monday night game and once on a in a preseason game. So I think that was our third time. I mean that the score changed when we came back after the after the lights went out, we were down. I think we're down twenty seven or twenty eight points. And then we came back to where we had a shot to win it at the end. When we were down five, we had the ball, got it all the way to the five yard line. And so I don't know. I don't know if it did or didn't. I was really proud of our team for for coming back and Sav we lost, but really proud for my brother really happy for my brother and, and so I had all those different emotions going like my dad's talking about the that he has two sons key competing against John you. The game is over and we're standing up. We were in a box up there and the confetti was flying, and the lights were gone in the blaring and they were bringing out the podium to present the. Super Bowl, and we're looking down and you feel that they're here. Here's your son that has just won the Super Bowl, maybe the greatest prize and all sport, and there was no emotion. I mean, he didn't feel each didn't feel like he should feel when your son is just won the Super Bowl and we couldn't couldn't wrap our arms around that..

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