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Say so offensive in the way, but what what it translates to more than 12,000 people told the Boston Art Commission. This that you conveyed a negative image of black men in a free modern world, so the decision was made on Lori Kirby. Hello, my little friends After a recent claim an investigation involving sexual misconduct in the workplace that has been terminated from Fox News. All you gotta do is watch me and I can hardly wait to compare my Congress of capability. Cotton case going, man. I'm running our commission. Says it will remove the Emancipation Group statue from its location in Park Square because I said before covert 19 will not be taking a summer vacation. To a baby in the middle on I am 68 e. W. O r. K o Way. Got to get into it Some point this our lightning there's a trump Warren kerfuffle that I really don't understand the trump angle on this. I don't and he's doubled down on it today via Twitter. So we're gonna get into that just a few minutes, but I want to do a little bit more on this. It comes out of province down where a guy that runs a pizza store had a group. Come in. That worry, refusing to wear masks. One guy in particular the owner, Came out. Got apparently got aggressive with him. So you gotta put a mask on. You gonna leave in a guy slacked, the owner? And so that guy, then it up in court.

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