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Cap ready for reading music. I guess i don't know what the music is for like. You say you were watching the end. Sola yeah hard knocks 'cause cowboy diehard fan and you wrote down your thoughts on hard knocks you come in today. I'll set it up. You come in today. Saying i got all these. I have ten takeaways from hard now. Walks in which i appreciate. I really appreciate until we come up with certain idea i took. I said that in here you are. You're coming up with tj's five and we've renamed it already. Tj's be your big ass grab back but you're like i got ten takes on the knocks knocks to rich rich's first word me. That's kind of a lot. That's what i said it. Tens a lot and then and then you hold up what you wrote it down on and it's like a paper envelope is what is it. A paper bag brown paper bag buffalo. Bill was scrambling randomly nat before he gave the host to some poor person are we doing was watching. Tv last night. I was watching hard knocks after i So you just grab my book. Bag was on the other side of the room and right in front of me was i went to the store. I got this bag. So i grabbed the marker. And i wrote down something that i was thinking about. Because you know you know i'm okay. I think act together quickly whipped through so these are there was a lie and i realized live people thought hard knocks a little boring this year. I.

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