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Nice, three hundred thirty dollars can Nashville. You're welcome. Ken. Couple of best and worst best Bartman two point. Oh worst, the back swing yeller with tiger PJ Montes tweets, Red Sox, making it to seventy wins the worst guy not giving the kiddo, the baseball come onto a. We're giving you new information here now. So the the guy was not a bad guy. He was handing out baseballs there. Here's another one MB Smith one twenty twenty-five. You got to put blame on that kiddo at a glove and pull the Bill Buckner. It's gotta learn to watch. The ball goes through his tag, no participation to of. I'm right there with you. Ambi at love tesla. Yes. If that's my son, I'd say it next. I caught it. Yeah. I go great Santini on him. Then bounce the ball off his forehead who Bill Buckner. That's the law. It is a little bit you soon. Yesterday, brewer fans cheered for Josh hater, and Josh hater. The all-star reliever. Tweets were unearthed that were seven years old, racist misogynistic homophobic, and he came in to a standing ovation. It was weird to see it because he hasn't accomplished anything. I mean, you're seventeen years of age. I understand what the fans are doing your hours come on, you know, we, we support you. You had a bad week, we support you. Okay. Just letting you know it looks a whole lot different from the outside if you care in Milwaukee because hater I don't exonerate okay. You're contrite and an apology. And I understand those things that doesn't mean that you all of a sudden go, okay, let's move on or everybody has to say, okay, move on. Seventeen is not twelve. So when he says, you know, when I was a kid, no, you're seventeen. That's different. And I don't know if there's something more that can happen with this. I mean, I'd be curious how you formed those opinions. If I was if I was baseball and I was going to use this moment with him and have him talk about, how did you come to that realization? How did you get that opinion like in a may be like, okay, who cares about that? I do. Your tweet that and this comes out if I'm one of his teammates and I felt bad for, you know, Lorenzo Cain, you know, they write to him, hey, as an African American, what do you think about? What's he going to say? I'd like for Josh haters alone and should be talking not, hey, are you gonna? Forgive him, and brewer fans give him a standing ovation. If he does something worthy of a standing ovation. Coming back from a bad week that he brought about, although there are people saying you're missing the point here. What about the people who brought those tweets back up. Okay. But he's still set it. That's it. You know, you can't go, oh, you know, those people brought this up there. You know they're the real villains. No, he's the bad guy with this. The tweets were said, are they were written and somebody unearth them? Was it a got you moment? Yes, but they didn't make up these tweets. It was just awkward to see him run in and get a standing ovation for what he's been in. Purgatory for six, seven, eight days. It's not. That's not bad, and I. Doesn't mean people have to just forgive, hey, let's move forward with this. It was, we're, we're, we're, did you see that yesterday. Let me see update the poll results. Mclovin okay. Who is worse? Well, now they're all I can't do it anymore. The guy who stole the ball from the lower kid or the guy yelling and Tigers backswing it's still seventy thirty. The guy who stole the ball from the little kid, but he didn't steal the balls. We have to change it. Do we have to change? And it's what's weren't dramatic if he stole the ball. But okay, gimme play the day Sutin. Play. Of the day. Play play, play. Chip is out Francesco Molinari as this putt to go out on his own top of the leaderboard. This could be put to win the open. But from round about seven feet rowers at Ford. Does mr. Putting the from front chits go more than RA. How'd you say caddy water, performance, water performance aid to under Paul. PGA tour radio with the call..

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