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Well the innovation desktop i don't think that anybody has really invaded in the deaths top besides apple uh in years and i think with the focus of of apple on its portables and the things like the iphone an pant mmhmm um it up to to a large extent i think people kind of expected apple to to back off of the desktops them right and and this shows that they haven't i mean they did not need to put a four k display in 21 in chime matt bryant but they did they didn't need to go five k across the twenty seven line they didn't need the the design and and reap or resources on making the battery recharging these new assessories and the design of these new assessories and you know making the uh uh the mechanism hafiz as uh the half the distance at a was before they didn't need to do all that they could have just updated than new uh processors puerto told a press release and people would have been satisfied with that because it's a dustup but they they went further and and i guess that's that's really what we expect from apple when it comes to iphone an ipad and and watch and and the portables bahrain you know now they're still doing it with the desktop embiid everything matters to them what they're putting on the market and i think that's a great thing let me say thanks to our first sponsor braintree told you about them before in their uh their continuing to up their game these guys are great they have made code for easy online payments if you're building mobile app and searching for simple payment solution braintree is the place to call for this we get this amazing sdk and that's what if you're a developer you always say well what's what's the has to kaley how hard is this thing and beatty implement how hard is this going to be to integrate into this thing that i've been building because you don't wanna you know the payment stuff that is a tricky tricky thing.

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