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Flexible gold, and you commit those words to memory, and you you repeat them all week long. Even try only a word of promise has the power to make a wedding ring. What it is. And only Jesus has the power to make you what you were created to be. He is the solder who fuses you to God. He is the flux who makes you clean. He is the torch who melts you've down and purifies you. He is the hammer who shapes you. He is the word of power who makes you he is the pledge in token of God's steadfast love, and faithfulness, and if you're willing I invite you to pray with me to him. Lord Jesus Christ. Word of the living. God. I confess often have turned away from you. Often have I turned against you. Turn not your word from me. Turn my heart again towards you in faith, and in love for all people that we might be bound to you. Because you are the life with the father and the Holy Spirit one God now and forever. Amen. You're listening to the Lutheran hour. We just heard Dr Michael Ziglar with a message, titled the word turned toward a Mark. I you're here in the studio with Dr Ziglar, and would you introduce our guest. Yes, Mark, our guest is Dr Rick Mars. He is a licensed clinical psychologist has a PHD in counseling psychology. He is the professor a professor at concordia seminary, the director of the programs that prepare men to be pastors and Deaconess to serve in the church. He was one of my professors at the seminary, and my favorite thing about a doctor Mars is though he has all these titles. He asked the students to call pastor Mars, and I think it shows his heart. So welcome has remorse. Very good to be here. Thank you for vitamin in your message. You talked about improving relationships human relationships through improved communication. What does that also tell us about God? And how he. Relates to us. God created us relations. I think that came through in in the sermon. One verse that always strikes me in Justice to is not good for man to be alone. God created first Adam had all these animals around him like pets ISIS. I assume pets can give us unconditional love. But yet it was not good for man to be alone from a talking creation a person. So that was why God gave Adam eve and why they had each other. So we need by his direction human relationships, and we even see that in the in the trinity the most mysterious of of relationships three persons one God in essence all three loving each other and us, and we are creations of that mysterious love, and I liked how in the sermon you pointed out through our Lord Jesus became flesh who then turned toward us in a way that we can sense in the weekend. I know that God cures for us because he turned to us incarnations through Jesus and flesh. And he does this completely out of his nature. It's not a foreign thing for him to turn toward another in in language speaking because as you mentioned, this is God's nature as the Triune God, there's never a time when the father was without the sun with without the Holy Spirit that the three are eternally turned toward each other. And this is something unique about the Christian view of God that God is by nature. Relational? I mentioned this book. And I know you've heard of it the by John in the relationship. Sure. This is a book you use in your class right on pastoral counseling. And I was fascinating. When I took the class with you. He talked about the three ways that you can respond to a bid for connection. Tell us a little bit more about those. And how you use that to teach pastoral counseling. Yeah. It's one of those cases where again, I think when many young men come to seminary they're looking for the right answers. And so part of my class. I'm trying to convince them. Well, theology is not all about the right answers. It's also about how people are relating to one another and got man, just he's not a Christian himself, but he's a wonderful researcher. So he gives us this wonderful insight through his research that what we thought was. I liked your metaphor the gold nuggets as well. We're kind of looking for. But in reality were looking for all these little tiny gold specks of of emotional bids that other people are giving to us and we're giving out to them. And when we respond more, positively to them, then that increases more emotional bidding when we respond by turning away. I ignoring them or or. Yeah. If knowing what they're focusing on or turning against them by getting belligerent or angry. Then we mute that emotional bidding process between human beings. So I've found gotten book very helpful in thinking in an analogous way to our relationship with God. It helps me remember that when we talk about faith in God, we are talking about a relationship that's based on trust connection through the word. And it's I think it's a very helpful metaphor to understand what John is up to in the gospel of John he says, he's written these things. So that we would believe that Jesus. The Christ that we would trust him that we become his children are like when you talked about the accumulation of gold flex and how that second ring maker ended up with much more gold to me that sounded like the benefits of weekly exposure to God's word through worship that over a lifetime of exposure to. The word you end up with many more benefits than if you were just trying to cram for the final exam as it were exactly. And that's why I think people tend to see relationship just like we see a romantic getaway or a trip to DisneyWorld as a fix for our relationship problems. It really doesn't work like that in human relations. And of course, it's not gonna work like that with relationship with God that is he wants to have a father relationship with us where we have those little interactions like Paul says in Thesselonians, pray without ceasing. This is constant chitchat with God throughout the day. And and having weekly experience of hearing his word and mid week experience of talking with other Christians are all part of that. God nurturing that relationship of trust with us from being reminded weekly that he baptized into this faith that the water. There was something objective there. That happens was not just our own subjective faith, but he did something and we receive bread and wine body and blood then on a weekly basis as well. From those church services, and all those little things got that gold flick metaphor works very very well. And unfortunately, we in America don't value that as much as we used to in general. I mean, people are going to church less often and not realizing that they need to hear that word on a daily weekly basis..

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