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Via and see why Veterans trust in via reached an all time high claimed the benefits you've earned at choose dot via dot Gove. At 7 48 on just have a Apple stories here about people flying from Canada to Florida to get their vaccine cell from Central America, South America. On around here. We can't get an appointment. Somebody from here might head down there to the alternative Right now. Appointments are very difficult to come by. I've been on a number of the websites today, try and see if there's anything available in the near future. In southern Ohio and nothing that I could find. So the Kroger websites are all putting up that they have no appointments available. There's time won't have more until they know for sure how much more vaccine Can be expected in this area. The local health departments are taking names, but they're just going on a list. You know if there would be a cancelation or whatever. Time come for yours spot to be in line the Let you know, but I think at one point, they said the Hamilton County Health Department had 10,000 names. On their list. And they're getting 500 doses a week right now. What's the first day you can get one tomorrow? Tomorrow? Tomorrow is the first day, but I'd like to set. I mean, there are no appointments available right now for anywhere in southwest Ohio. I mean, there was discussion before that. You would. Yeah. Where you might go. That program might do it somewhere else. Yeah, And then they're not. There are some big testing sites open and of dating is doing one. They're doing one of those Schottenstein Center in Columbus. Where the Health Department's there have decided to try and do bigger event vaccinations. But I mean, the issue still is. They're getting a limited supply of vaccine. So once you know the appointments are gone, they're gone. And they can't really schedule people out two weeks down the road, not knowing how much they're gonna have. So they're just waiting on that word. And then those spots will open up pretty quickly. I would, I would think even know the Kentucky which last week we had talked about I was able to find several appointments that saying these are our health point, But they're not scheduling anybody out now, either, I guess so. They're not sure. Where they're at In that process. Indiana has centralized, very easy to navigate website where you can make your appointments and they do show appointments in Indiana. It's if you're 70 year over. But those air the closest ones, like two weeks down the road. I think January 31st was the first appointment I saw in Dearborn County. Okay, coming up our news. Eight o'clock, We'll have more on the security in the nation's capital. Busload of since then a cops now on their way to D. C to help. Keep the peace details at a news radio 70 Oww! Alright, We have the trials medical minute brought to us by try health and the guests. Once again this week is Dr Patrick Muck. He's a vascular surgeon at the Tri Health Heart Institute. And talking about what's known as the end ago system, lighting 12 technology. So the obvious question number one is. What is this technology? So the Indigo system back in June came up with a what they call it, Cat 12. So what That is, is a small tube. It's inserted through a vein in your growing in the ephemeral vein there and then from there, we tracked that tube either to your leg or to your lungs. And so in June, we became the first in Ohio and the third in the world to offer this technology. What this does crazy technology. It's a small a traumatic Flexible tube without the size of a marker home. Most You contract this to the loans to the leg, and then you connected to this system, which is a high powered vacuum. We called aspiration from back to me, and you're able to remove the blood clot in its entirety. Thereby you can minimize the risks of the of the from ballistics or the agent that can cause stroke and bleeding. All right, that'll be the topic and you can hear the whole thing on the podcast at 700. W l w dot com slash Health and we'll have the rest of it, Of course throughout the course of this week or much of it anyway. And for info on the book, an appointment with the good doctor. There's a tri health dot com slash.

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