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The plot x. feedback at a fun x. Possibly buy for the handlebars and more planet. X time-trial levers and so yeah. That's that's that's the i guess. The big question here is how much this because you're going to get ups and some serious hills. I mean i. It weighs what it weighs on. My bike was made of reynolds. Eight five three steel with a carbon folk and despite last year the bike industry. You get less money these days. So i have kind of downgraded to forty one thirty criminal eight. That's just what's on the market these days. I feel i've enjoyed the robustness despite because offered me 'cause it off roading on rotating. Yeah it's not. The lightweight of the oval points north. But i i like this. I feel like this is a purist by well. Good luck wishing you all the best and we have a safe trip. Thank you so much Yourself i am and so actually. I'm graced with the winner of the very first or points and the only previous points north because unfortunately last year it got cancelled and it became not all points north. So not really a race and how does it feel to be back at twenty twenty one and it's a big challenge to see it. 'cause it's more like a thousand kilometers about five hundred in two thousand nineteen Yeah i mean it's great to be back. I was waiting for these eventful like to. Yes no more than two. Yes so yeah. He's super that we could happen And i think last year was Distance was mainly nine hundred case for me this this year. The angela says it will be longer has like nine hundred fifty gays. So yeah it's pretty thompson case but it's definitely more climbing definitely more climbing and i'm looking at your bike. Do you quickly tell me. What kind of setup you have for the listeners. Because i would say that. This is a skimpy setup. It's probably what i would say fool because at the end of the day you don't have to race it but it is a race and weight matters business so you've really got very little on the bike there but can you talk us there. Yeah i mean. I went for like bike because i know it's lots of climbing here and he'll stay with the show. It's not really high here. But it's like constant up and down up and down my experience from the Two thousand eighteen and Yeah i'm after also after quite long race and really recovered. So i think having less than bike easy for me And set up just like i always go. I use Still bikes to frame with falk. custom-made framed from poland. South the bikes and Just custom also custom to custom box like frame bargain front back very small bag. So you've got a half rain bag very narrow and very small front pack so you must not have many kind of padding unsleeping you know planning on getting cold wet ranger inside. I got Like a warm jacket for colder hours. I got sleeves and like woolmer's way anyway. I don't believe you you're sorry but Yeah that's i don't have really proper sleeping kids say so. Do you not sleeping or you just planning on finding a couple of hours in in a bus. Stop with amtrak and this plan This is my flight this On tuesday evening. Much time it's any senator and a half days till then three days so no worries no worries well. Good luck wishes see. I finish time. Thanks to just had a chat from andrew walker the organizer and it's finished now about twenty minutes to start and there's a lot of nervous faces around participants just being informed that out the northernmost point of the rate which is a pocket. Dale there is a firing range which you can't actually access the checkpoint between nine. Am and five pm on monday. I'm nine am midnight on tuesday so some of the participants worked out in the research. So it's going to be scramble to make sure the rates get the right way and everybody's going to get to that point before nine. Am on monday. I'm here with nikki. Short who actually has been an inspiration from me. She was at university with me on my first ever university club right about eight years ago and i don't think i've seen nikki sin just told her the story i think he's probably one of the hot favorites for the women's race this year. Do you feel about mickey well. That's what i've been told stories. Yeah that's the first. I've heard of it. So and let's see if i can live up to that expectation. Well you come into this okay. Well we didn't have any races last year. Obvious reasons but in two thousand nine hundred you had a pretty good season you yeah well. Actually last year did manage to squeeze in one race. In between the various lockdown started to book. I spent which was in october and was that for non phenomenon taxes That was in. Italy wasn't actually no. Dachshund was an ultra race thousand between an aetna say hello climbing and that should prepare you well for for this race around the same distance also climbing. Well that racist. I double the amount of climbing in the same distance so this should be easy pad save either. So can you through your setup. That is what. I'm really interested in the artist. Pretty lights up. Which again i think. That's pretty good. That's what it looks pretty light. It's unfortunate is heavier than it looks at a new way. All the way is think. Have you waited no way undermined and then you think this is the heaviest because fully loaded with the food and water for the especially for the first night because we're setting off at eight o'clock so you have to be able to sustain yourself for the next ten hours and a lot of the places of course you're getting up in the middle of nowhere so there's not petrol stations and things like that around twenty four hour shops. Say absolutely that he's gonna be three hundred kilometers for. I planned to make my stops. I really want to protect. Just keep on gang. I'm also going to account back on my back. It's gonna elite of water in that. And then i've got the lead of water actually on the bike itself so i mean yeah that's the main thing especially riding at night needs to make sure you have water because you can't cut off to halfway through the night and then you just finding the petrol station in the morning and then yeah in terms of bags are very small saddlebag small tree back in a very small steinbach so it is minimal but it looks like you have everything you need. It's similar to the setup. I had to spend with being similar in distance as well so the fact that i am not not really planning on having any extended stops. So i've come out the The baby kit haven't got any. I've got an emergency busy yet. Which just packed down to the size of your fist. So it really doesn't take much space at all. It's just the essentials electronics take cook. I was just about to so a really important thing. of course is safety. Right is starting from sheffield eight. Pm and it's gonna take the best. Riders best writers might be back on monday. Then then choose day. We expect everybody back. But you've got to be self sufficient with charging and you have to have lights with the whole time. And how do you do that. You just take battery packs with you do some people have dynamos..

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