A new story from Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Long range Thank you Do Aw Now Quite. Lewis You're listening to ground zero From July eleven to the summit show to now A lot of circumstantial weirdness, going on if not being said by former analyst if not being sad by a former DARPA team leader who wants to go by the name of SAM's whistle blower not by concern listener who says he wonders if Donald Trump's life is in danger It it it really had me troubled until we got a call today from Sam again Sam called and I recorded his conversation And This is what he had to say about the. Paraglider this is what he had to say about the secret service, agent and this is what he had to say about the summit So here's the call and it's augmented again so hopefully if you, listen carefully you'll hear what he has to say listen up War Tony Taylor Waters appear.

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