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The USA, and these are commercial malls. They're built to last higher pedigree components, more durable, stronger construction in the end. I wouldn't know why anyone else win want to refurbish refresh computer because I mean, I use them myself right here in front of me. I'm using a Dell latitude laptop I go in the store, I'm on an HP Compaq elite business-class desktop, and then when I go home, I'm back on my HP pro pro book laptop die by at refresh. Computers on these machines, hold up real real. Well, you don't have a lot of that that cheap plastic to worry about where the hinges oh breakthrough. Or the lack of serviceability means proprietary components are way off the charts. When something goes wrong, and nice thing is also is that we offer in store support and in store warranties. So in the unlikely event of a problem, it just bring it right back to us, and we just fix it with relative ease because we like to make things easy as possible and save you. A whole ton of money. Now, if somebody goes around our house, which I've done lately and they find to tower computers bought from refresh and three laptop computers and no Booker to can I bring all of those to your shop and have everything from all those memories put into one memory Bank. Oh, absolutely. A lot of times we get this request quite a lot actually because many times people have with the technology. People have accumulated computers in the workplace it, but they don't get the stuff in the old one. And then the next thing, you know, you have a closet full of a bunch of computer systems. And.

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