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Thirty five or fifty bucks fifty. Might not be, worth it now hold on but listen or you can put. A lien on the. Property Wait you can. Do that yourself, I'm not kidding you you can put a lien on there What does that mean. Because she doesn't have to pay me Even Jackson. Held on a lean is something you put on the, property you don't need a judgment when you're a mechanic's lien you put a lien on the property and that means she can't sell a. Refinance without paying it or she has, to bond around it if she has equity in her, property it's, going to. Really bugger if she doesn't, have equity. That's different but seriously and if she owns it I would I would talk to an attorney and put a lien. On the property and? He can add his charges to it What about what about this, I'm cutting, down an. Aspirin tree right next door, to her. House today what if victory which a lean on her property no no no no no no no but seriously man Seriously, Steve what you should, do is put a lien on the property. Because when she gets the intent to lean it's going to she's going to go nuts and. You're not asking to be? Paid for anything but what you did I would put a lien on. The property that's, my answer and we could set? You, up, with, someone, who, could, help. You do that TD what's going on Hi? Tom how are. You I'm doing good what's going on. About. Gas and oil okay I just bought this property back. In January in now ABC's dismayed. From. Aspired energy Inc yeah so they asking me? To, leave my. Right. No no surprise okay In God lease no surface right. Yeah, no surface. Okay So I'm. Totally courtrooms because I've never. Seen anything like that before they're probably gonna do, some they're going to do some diagonal or horizontal, drilling. And, they want. Permission And how, much are they offering Offering me. Two thousand five hundred per acre Nick Minarik yeah okay how many acres do you have It's one of one tenth of an acre yeah? Oh, so you're. Going. To. Get a fraction of that yes And, then are you going to get any percentage of? Production Yeah they, started. Me eighteen point seventy five, percent that's up to you bro if you, wanna do it do it if you don't wanna do it don't you should have an attorney look at that. If you or call an attorney for just a quick consultation They're not that complicated and their, mineral. Rights I mean you're you're, not gonna dig him out yourself and and, as long as they don't want surface rights I would have a tendency to let it let them do it Okay That's. It I, mean but, you you, know do some research on it before you sign? Anything Attorney's not going to. Charge much, to review that really, so I would probably take care I would probably do. It you know if you? Own property. You're only big concern is going, to be the price is that the proper price all right if you've gotten stiffed by. Customer what do you do the best thing to do. If you've done work is to lean the property is not that difficult. In the? Roofing industry, a lot of guys you guys. Must. Get stiff, from, time to time don't you I mean you know you have to know yeah I mean there's, there's? Always someone who thinks they're smarter than insurance. And someone that's smarter than, the roofing company right or they want to keep? The insurance. Money so, leaning is, the quickest, don't you find leaning to be the quickest remedy I mean no one likes leaning. But. Isn't that, the, quickest remedy yeah it really is nobody wants to have that lingering over their head long-term now, obviously? When you lean something you have to do. It within four you have, to foreclose on it what is that a year I forget the the rules change you have to foreclose, on it meaning if, you? Don't perfect it got one hundred and twenty. Days to actually get the lean so you do you're you're right you're, notice to. File then within there then you've got to actually, sue them I think, by the end of the ninth or tenth month but I'm not positive right so. That's one way of looking at it let's talk to Brent Ivan's an? Ideal home loans for custom term loans custom?.

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