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It's li- Henry. Well, please March straight in here. I want a work with you. Yes. Boy, am I wore. Now Henry I haven't the least bit of sympathy for you. When you bring Henry, a nice, warm, blessed milk. I get their mother mother. Why didn't really do our driveway because they're your father sent him away? And Henry y you couldn't do a simple ordinary job that your father can do in ten minutes is beyond me father's going to clean the driveway. Yes. The Justice soon as he gets back from wherever he disappeared to boy. And when he finds out that you were clearing MRs Hopkins driveway. He's going to be simply fury. You heard about that? Yes. The your ad Harriet. Saw you mother let me explain why did it here? I know why. And someday, you'll learn that money isn't everything. But that's just it. We didn't get any money. What my SIS Hopkins wanted the five fifty for the laundry. Man, Henry, I don't understand a word of this was all we got out of it. We're to coax and a glass of ginger ale. Flack Henry, gee, I don't know whether I've even got enough strength to swallow. They did you hear a crash outside. A few minutes ago, a Cray, no positive. I heard something who did that must be your father. Yes. Henry now, are you gonna get it? Mary your father sounds as though he could use a glass of hotmail to rather just when he's going to marry please get it goodness. I might as well be an outsider in this. I see your home Henrik. Yes. Father and father as soon as my mittens though out. I'm going to get started on the driveway baba Sam before you fly off the handle. Why don't you? Sam are you taking off your jacket? Father will make any happier. I won't even wait for my mittens to thaw. I'll start right now. The driveway is cleared hit is are you rolling up your sleeve? I am father. If you're worried that I haven't learned my lesson. She was I give you my work. Are you rolling your sleeves? Would you please go up to our bathroom and get something for me? You mean your razor strap? I mean, the Lindemans. No, I never remembered. Snow being heavy g father then your race oppose you run upstairs and get. Yes. Father, and I give you my word from now on I'm gonna pitch into everything. Yes. Well, now, let's not overdo it Sam. I thought you control yourself beautifully Alice. I wouldn't very well. Blame Henry when when yes. Let's suppose we just forget it ESPN. Did you do the whole driveway yourself? I had it done out by Gus God a slight additional cost. But how did he do it so quickly? He had the widest. No plow in the state what nevermind Alice, but. That fence between our driveway and Kilmer's. Yes. What would you think if we removed it and widened our driveway three feet? Now. Thank you. Bottle was immediately over. Shoveling snow and episode of the Aldridge family from February third nineteen forty nine. I'm Greg Belen, although the.

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