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I think i watched second instagram video about her once i only heard or speak like one or two times yet at the un or something yeah yeah um it just filled me of happiness because george clooney seems really happy wo were your favorite parts of the profile of what how so hard i certainly enjoyed when he was talking about how he beat obama in basketball um i like when he said that he's go that he's a he's a diaper guy he's good with changing diapers yes um i thought that he actually i was really worried that he was gonna be like i'd really um embarrassing whoa quite celebrity talking about politics but actually thought he spoke pretty well without being embarrassed sing or offensive or naive said that made me happy yet i would i would give them the b plus lose what i would say there are up he he was thoughtful about it and engaged in there are a couple of moments where calling if we're going to go to at this level then let's get it right you know the point where he is like if some of these republicans and some of them i'm very good friends with actually stood up to trump we'd be in a better place bull stand up to them george lee don't don't tell me about nato with his on your own time yes that as well and it's it's a little wishywashy about i would have liked his support of black lives matter to be fuller but yes i agree on that as well um but as far as like woke celebrities go he was pretty good i think yes i would agree with that it's interesting to his movie that's coming out various are all very very afraid about the movie you are he adds called suburban con yet in its stars like probably two of my 10 favorite where he actors julianne moore and matt damon and a catholic a wreck early claimed coen brothers script from the 90s that they updated and it's about um like racism out like in like a levitt town essentially uh in its apparently very dark and angry and the i just i just don't know if if george clooney and grant has slav our our best suited to be making us film i would agree with that there was also another warning sign in that they were filming.

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