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Seemed to indicate one of the issues with brain trauma and football is simply a matter of exposure the more you get head over a longer period of time the higher the risk of serious lasting and consequential damage to your brain so the more you can reduce exposure the where he can reduce risk there are plenty of examples by the way of great fl players who did not start playing football until they were in high school so i think the argument of i don't start each six it's too late doesn't really apply football is not tennis you're not trying to groove your groundstrokes and the other thing i think that that's important note here and why you don't see the football industry really getting behind this the way they could and probably should because if you say no tackle until fourteen someone's gonna think to themselves well what so different about a sixteen year olds brand and why is high school football okay and now you've opened a big can of worms and a can of worms that i for one would very much like to see opened this news conference that i spoke about included harry carson who used to play in the nfl and who has acknowledged that he has some cte related issues he feels already and nick unaccounte who is a former nfl guy in a hall of famer in they're both on board for this so we're not alone patrick time for your story this is something that gave urban they got last week following a testy game between they los angeles clippers and houston rockets a group of four houston players are raiding party if you well.

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