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Weather Good morning. Keep an eye out for a disabled vehicle on loop succeed No for eastbound at Heebner Road. It's not out in the main lanes, causing any major problems, but it's still worth being ready to tap on your breaks as you go on by. On to 81. We've got about 15 minutes of total commute Time in either direction between I 35 stone Oh, Parkway. I'm calling Ellis NewsRadio 1200 W away. I Partly cloudy, partly sunny today low nineties. San Antonio's first with Charlie Parker every morning. And to make the day more beautiful. What would Tuesday be without eight? Tiger King update Coming up in the next couple of minutes. Last night. Monday night Football. Double header. Steelers over giants 26 16 3 touchdowns for Big Ben Say Quan Barclay had 15 carries and six yards for the Giants. Tennessee beat Denver 16 14.

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