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All right, Brian Scott announcement, I have something to tell you I and will play a nother snippet of me and Amre up onstage. Amc rolls on prepared. I believe this one somebody wrote down Dr drone a ping pong ball. And keep you posted. I two minutes of this. This next this next word is also a name counts. Yeah. What name. Yeah. I I guess everything or nothing counts. Dr drew. Oh, Dr drew. Yeah. What's funny? It just brought his name. Doctors Amana passion he l look this is a good excuse. Let me tell you this about strip clubs, and and I feel the same way. No. Is there one called Dr drew? I'd go there too. Yeah. As yeah. Yeah. You'd have like the businessman's buffet Pap smears in the champagne. Like, a medical sort of flavor to ever gotten a pep schmear to genuine pony. All right. Oh, yeah. We have a whole medical fem- when the order cocktail and you get to olives. The guy the guy reaches into the olive container uses a specula- to get them out there. Thank you into. And they're all right. Dr drew now, here's something I respect about Dr drew. I said to Dr drew wants what's what's up with you not going to strip clubs because I love going to strip clubs and he didn't like going to strip clubs, and he gave a very satisfying answer to me. Which is I am so fucking horny. All the time. I am like fucking caged leper, just you know, we don't pace look, you're so horny you have to pace. He said I can't go to a strip club. Because I may like literally jump up on the stage. Fuck so tier I added the airport say the flooding the ears seems like a reason not to go. I am saying that is an acceptable reason. Like, you're too fucking horny. And you're too passionate. Yeah. Like you walk into the strip club already masturbating. That's right. That's gonna turn some people off. Right. Good luck. With the bouncer, by the way, oh, there's a cover. Hold on. My wallet's on my left hand, you might reach in grab it. And for me, this my dick hand here. All right, Connecticut, Foxwoods February eight and crawls unprepared. And then they'll be taken to the Wilbur theatre in Boston for same show. Just remind everybody. So this show is a challenge from Jimmy Kimmel to Adam to go up and stage with no material at all. And the only thing is people. Right. Just a word or an idea. And a bingo ball domestic do three to five minutes to stand up on based on that. I shall probably open about twenty twenty five minutes of stand up. And then I think we'll we'll veer into this lane. But other than that, very interactive very full of audience participation. Yes. All right, and Brian has himself an announcement as well with through on the New Year's resolution. I'm how you doing outs bald? Brian socks are now for sale anyone who wants them divvy up socks dot com. Partner divvy up socks accompany. I found them through my mother-in-law. She gave me socks with Charlie's face on. Because that's their thing. Put your pets face on. That's larry. I'm going to get those of my own people online thought it was a good idea. And now they're available at divvy up socks dot com slash BB. You can probably find tweet about it. As an owner of a pair of these..

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