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But I'd rather do Darab so Mexico. I have to say has been very very good. You know that over the last four days is talked about Johnny down gone. If they continue that everything will be fine. With us tonight. Philip Elliott politics correspondent for time magazine. And Gabby your White House reporter for politico. Thanks to both of you for being with us. Phil let me start with you. Is there a relationship, and maybe you could describe the relationship between the president's decision not to close the border as he had threatened to do. And the message that he was the spouting today on this tour of the border. Well, I mean, this is this is entirely red meat for the president's base. This is something that is a guaranteed applause line at his rallies at for people watching at home who livestream every event he has this really is where he feels most comfortable in communicating with the base. It's not persuading any voters to come aboard and support him that this is not a moment of persuasion. This is a moment of motivation. And I think as we get closer to twenty twenty we're going to be seeing much more of this type of campaign rhetoric. And as we mentioned a new variation on his message when it comes to immigration the president today talking about the idea. Of the country being full. Let's take a listen to that. So as I say, this is our new statement the system is full can't take anymore, whether it's asylum. Whether it's anything you want it's illegal immigration can't take anymore. We can't take our country is full are areas. Full the sectors full can't take anymore. I'm sorry. Can't happen. So turn around. That's the way it is in Gabby. I think we saw this this week just in terms of the tension. There seemed to be between Trump and in in sort of a Republicans in Washington who get uneasy about this hard line rhetoric on immigration. You have a president there who believes this is the issue one of the key issues that got him to the White House in the first place, and maybe have Republicans in Washington who say, hey, it was it was the president taking that hardline stance on immigration in October early November twenty eighteen bit led in part to that a democratic surge in the midterm election. Right. Steve what we're seeing now is sort of eerily similar to what happened just before the midterm elections. When nearly every Republican on Capitol Hill was urging President Trump to focus on tax reform, focus on the positive economic conditions. We just had new jobs numbers out today and unemployment figures that are really net positive for this administration. And yet here he is down in the border. In collects the co California talking once again about immigration, this is as Phil said the issue that he goes back to it's the one he feels most comfortable talking about and as we approach the height of a twenty twenty presidential election where he's going to be making the case for re election..

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