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A quarter past the hour now. Time for check of sport from around the world here's Dan schwarzman. Thanks, Brian. Manchester United has suffered a shock defeated home to brighten and hope out the end to open their season two to one as Pascal gross scored a brace for Brighton. The only score for the Red Devils came on an own goal in the 68th minute as man you lose his new manager Eric ten hugs Premier League debut. I also Manchester City wins their opener two nil over West Ham as Ellen Holland scores the brace for city in his Premier League debut unless your city and Brentford play do two all draw. According to this Sunday in England, Manchester City midfielder Phil Foden is on the verge of signing a 6 year contract extension that will pay the 22 year old 200,000 pounds per week including a 3 million pound signing bonus as well as annual raises of around 25,000 pounds per week. Boden is considered one of the best young footballers in the world and made his first team debut for city at the age of 17. Former New York met Bobby bonilla's famed contract that pays him close to $1.2 million annually through 2035 has sold at auction for a $180,000. As part of the auction, the winner also gets a 30 minute Zoom call with vanilla, as well as his agent that negotiated the contract, an autographed baseball as well as a game used beneath that. The NFT of the contract and will spend a day with the former third baseman in New York. Finally, Cleveland dot com reports that browns running back cream hunt has asked to be traded after not receiving a contract extension, a request to team has declined. The 27 year old is in the final year of a two year $12 million contract. I'm Dan schwarzman that your Bloomberg world sports op day. Markets, headlines, and breaking news, 24 hours a day. At Bloomberg dot com, the Bloomberg business app and at Bloomberg quick take. This is a Bloomberg business line. This is going to be the

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