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Just another blow for the tourist hot spot. How Griffith, co owner of Pier 57, sharing this year has been challenge after challenge. We've had riots in the city, which is scared people away from Seattle we've had here 58 on the water way just concluded a week of serious smoke. Now, with that dozens of businesses and about 300 employees will have impact by the temporary closure over Pierce 57. Of that closure coalesced were told now more than a month. Meanwhile, Pier 59, where the Seattle Aquarium is located, seems to be Okay for right now, breaking news yesterday. We told you about this wrong way driver in a state trooper down on the highway. They're highway three year Silverdale, the block the vehicle. We've got an update right now washing state trooper recovering after being hit by the wrong way. Driver. Here's what we have State patrol, saying that Trooper Alan Dixon heard a call from an erratic driver going south bound in the North Bound Lane on Highway three Friday night near Silverdale. And that this was near Chico Way the trooper got in front of the car turned on all his emergency lights, prompting the woman driver to at least slow down. Here is true Prediction appear the driver must have seen in my life that they slowed from about 50 down about 15 or 20 miles an hour, but they were still unable to slow completely before they struck me. My car was at a complete stop. Now, at that slower speed, there was still a head on crash the wrong way Driver now under investigation of driving under the influence, she Was not injured. Trooper addiction, though, was taken to ST Michael Medical Center, some minor injuries since though he has been released..

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