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Genius gillwald sister rosetta tharp spy august she had a major impact on artists like elvis presley when you see elvis presley singing early songs in his career i think if you imagine that he is channeling was at a farm it's not an image that i think we're used to thinking about we think about rock and roll history we don't think about the black woman behind the young white man sister rosetta tharp was born on march twentieth nineteen fifty in cotton plant arkansas not far from the mississippi river her parents katie bell and willis atkins were both cotton pickers here's biographer gillwald in ira tucker friend of sister tharp and lead singer with the american gospel group the dixie hummingbirds talking about the influence that rosetta thorpe's parents had on her as a child we don't know too much about rosetta his father what we do know about the father is that willis atkins could sing and so it's possible that some of her gift of singing came from her father her mother wasn't evangelists for the church of god in christ her mother was incredibly passionate about the church that his mother katie bell what we called her she was a very traditional person and basically she was what what we call a stopdown christian i mean that's one that enjoyed stamping her feet and pattern our hands and celebrating what she believes in.

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