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It representative Tom McClintock from California how are you Sir just by mark thanks for having me hi Tom McClintock you've been very outspoken against these iron fisted lockdowns you're very concerned about what's happening to the people in your state in the country the economy businesses and job someone to give me an opportunity to explain well it's pretty simple all we have now plunged tens of millions of Americans into unemployment and poverty of and in the process set in motion events that are going to create many poverty related deaths in the future there was a study a few years ago by Columbia University the noted that about four and a half percent of all this in this country are property related we have just plunged tens of millions of Americans into that condition and nobody seems to be counting those deaths that we are setting in motion right now in the calculus of this this radical idea of locking up an entire population in a free nation for fear that they might catch a a disease still the rest of the country your governor in California he's really locked that stay down has any strawberry much so and and the the the the toll on people's lives is is is absolutely extraordinary US three point two million Californians have lost their jobs as twenty percent of the state workforce less than half a Los Angeles county residents now have jobs and who's not Newsome put in charge of the re opening this socialist whack job Tom Steiner who's vowed to remake California society is quote a fair green and prosperous future he and you know into it it doesn't appear the lockdowns doing all that great today and yesterday is exactly curve is not so flat right now is it exactly California ordered a complete lockdown as population back on March nineteenth now be established timeline from infection to death about twenty five days that would have been April thirteenth so question of California's radical internment measures were effective should we have expected to see a dramatic decline in deaths soon after that date the fact is we haven't on the contrary the worst daily death tolls that's far this epidemic occurred in nine of the last eleven days after April thirteenth so every person who succumbed in the east the worst days for fidelity's in this state so far every one of them would have contracted the disease after the shutdown took effect and if you look at some of the studies now others but professor out of Tel Aviv University Isaac Ben Israel he just published a paper comparing the case of mortality curves in those countries that ordered strict lockdowns like cars and countries that kept their economies open like Sweden and he's found no significant difference in the in the mortality curves six and yet I notice our politicians keep attacking sweet and I've looked at Sweden to why they keep attacking Sweden Sweden's numbers are relatively comparable to ours and they're gonna have this herd immunity well before we do how did I think they're attacking because Sweden is demonstrating what a free nation should do in response to an epidemic like this yes why is the governor of Georgia coming under such a vicious attack for the same reason of the same reason Christine Ohlman South Dakota is coming under attack and by the way been Israel's not the only but a statistician who is noted that there's really no difference of a statistician out of the Kentucky state university Wilford Riley I just published a paper looking at the differences between the states like California that completely destroyed their economies and states like South Dakota they kept their economies open and once again no significant statistical difference in the course of the viruses it runs its course yes and don't have enough data now Tom McClintock to tell us the populations that are really threatened the populations that aren't in they say follow the signs but they're not following the sites these these governors are they project right here in California we've had to serology studies I think you'd mentioned earlier today Stanford for Santa Clara county S. C. for LA county both of them looked at the actual prevalence of the infections they calculated the case the tally right that's the percentage you actually die from the disease and what they found is it's a fraction of what the so called experts were telling us and what all of these dire models were based upon the experts told us it was at least a one percent fatality rate it turns out of somewhere between twelve one hundred and twenty seven one hundredths of one percent that's the equivalent of a bad flu season yes and yet when doctors found she says this is seasonal there's going to be another way that's really a consequence of his his promoted decisions isn't that is everybody how one place pretty much as much of the bad people as possible well when you have so many people who don't have the virus they're going to get the virus at some point aren't they exactly and and ultimately could not be just as easily regulated by by individuals if you don't feel safe don't leave your house if if you feel safe leaving your house with a mask well then wear a mask if you don't feel comfortable getting too close to other people well don't get too close to other people the choices made by an eighty year old with emphysema living in New York City are gonna be very different than those made by healthy college in the South Dakota only a fool would twenty be on missions to make an informed judgment for every person in every circumstance every communal right all right and your terrifically appreciated at the time the claim tax will be right back there a lot of great conservative organizations out there doing some incredible work but for over thirty years the MRC has distinguished itself as one of the most effective they provide reliable fact driven information about the media because the American people deserve the truth one of the most important parts of the.

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