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That stick to just came in on the tax line I can go for all the texts that are coming in on the tax line right now man does it come on man in the football bowl over Ryan Edwards you're no idea what this does would you agree with ban on anything there is room for me and my ego on the Pandora's box that you opened by agreeing with and so line that David Cain correct he came out he said sorry Ryan it's all been if the office converts the third out of a once in a while I will be happy this rule yeah it was it is partially been out here want to give you partial credit on that David came in he came he said look I'll give a better day and write in a completely startled and David that's not as an adult dataset Devon Devon you try to be HSA mispronounces may feature throw me out of the bus Sir kind of yeah goodness kind of also the text I will talk about packs liberty tricks or talk about factual is coming up in just a little bit actually yeah into the lesson now we're gonna get into a little book conversation about Paxton Lynch what you're sorry you my touchdown celebration of their this from patcher can do really I imagine Paxil age being of apple juice guy sitting in the basement yelling Hey apple juice has the thing was is now yeah Chad will Ferrell's character from what aggressors yeah so that was a that was a really cool like that movie where it was good it was like not it could've been better the ending bothers me to this day I was alive not even there to him yeah it is weird is like they like kind of acting like her you know so this all up in have or will soon end up with a girl and you know right everybody happy right and that's how they did it I definitely tuned in for movie reviews with an right right now yeah well that's what you get on the show Marcus country tonight slash movie relaxing wedding crashers review tonight yeah but that was a great cameo will will Ferrell being will Ferrell because you know it's a place and every move you also Vince Vaughn plays Vince Vaughn every movie yeah yeah also plays old Wilson every movie you gotta be better right as you like the only stretch as far as an acting job in that entire movie was Bradley Cooper being kind of a kind of an a hole or just like like Christopher Walken is a senator yeah that that was really it is everybody else is gonna play themselves in that movie yeah but it was it was entertaining you have someone come to central while I I I watch it for a couple minutes until bills it's what is what you stay through to the commercial break at least yeah I but then we get towards the end that's when I'm like okay not gonna find something else I can't watch the end again so that you missed the the will Ferrell parts no I see the will Ferrell and then I am all right like I I I wait through will Ferrell that's the in the movie for me looks like right around that time is the in the movie for me right and then I and I go find something I feel like and Wilson that move you feel like a guy who's is walking up the the wedding crashers like some people say we only use ten percent of our heads but I think we only use ten percent of our hearts if you feel like you guys try to that line out of a point what could lead and I feel like you I feel like you it in your stance playing outfield for the Yankees how you try to that line out what what well done a list of of is good for just a moment all right we're gonna we're gonna have you see get back to the Broncos here come over the top of the brainy crystal or K. way insiders gonna join us but this guy you talked about the combination there right of Sammy Watkins and golden Tate now our producer Michael Cooper said he hated that Khan Kamboh we have to say for yourself then he hates that combination yeah he hates the combination to you throughout their a combination it's see there's a comparisons is not comparisons to their NFL productivity I'm not comparing with this because career osric to Sammy Watkins a gold Tatum saying that this got a report is that he plays like that he is a a a body any style of play they play similar list is kind of a wide receiver who has the ability of a running back after the catch kind of like Sammy walk it's you know the guy you would invoke be coral Patterson another with those guys all pro wide receivers with their production of the walk ins had a good year can't see last year I think he's gonna give you this year the really what you're getting at is what what skill set when I make a comparison so what skill set is gonna bring to the table and was the kind of brings that skill set to the table I think he's better than saying you walk ins I used better than than some of the guys I like I like the court power Patterson comp better but I think a better version on Aug other core there wasn't a first rounder yeah that means the Vikings yeah so I mean I'm not sexy dress to replace Percy Harvin right guy who he come could compares favorably to Percy might have been a little faster but in terms of the skill set that you bring to the table that's what I'm compared to I'm not saying that you know because it's who was in here subculture compared to Julio Jones on the wall I'm not easily over small you can play like Julio is second full to invoke Julio Jones a top three wide receiver arguably in the NFL is heavy handed where where's he called a cloud yeah he threw another word in there too yes go on the on the air these are the are not at the center was such sincerity right like you like stairs you downright daggers I staggers yeah Sucka three on me like you Stephanie just suck up three armies looking at me like no how dare you stated from my three point attempt to get it wrong don't miss speak speak what I told you Hey listen this guy is crazy town that it I think he's gonna be a top ten pick I think he has the potential to be a tough first round guy rolled his top ten it's going to depend on the fourth so I'm really good why is he for class yeah and you can't commit major Judy there's there's there's a couple of guys in this class that I I just I can't see hi a it's gonna be tough I look I like we missed a lot I think you can be very productive in the league but I think there's two guys they they probably get taken ahead of him just knowing what I know about what scouts value employers I wish we could have a better career in those other two but I just know what I know I I just don't see a way past maybe to us maybe I need some cross I don't know but I I right now look at this and say now there's two guys here the Broncos well there's the hometown feminized essay hometown he's not actually from Colorado yeah but I mean see you access so if you're the Broncos in the manual Sanders moves on potentially but this year that guy I don't know that he's he's the burger that you're looking for I think Levesque is more that underneath guys I would get it all out of creating space will be use the burger but I think he's an interesting chess piece I think he's too I think of Cortland wasn't the other guy I think yeah absolutely but I I think you at Cortland kind of sort of him Dejan kind of hybrid in hit the role that he would have with the Broncos at any give the Broncos had like Tyler Lockett out there or ill or somebody like that you will be in the free agency maybe and get one of those guys are maybe not let's see if I like you call grants or emails or something like that is out there that's saying that you could put him opposite something it's going to it's going to take the top off because you if you roll that safety coverage that's giving a Gallic Levesque one all one of the open field that's where he's dangerous and you got it was because of that running back after the catch ability that's what you wanna do your religious gonna drag he put the ball in his hands let him run on a lot of space that that's the ideal situation for him you can get speedsters in I mean we call hard to win the second round Terry McLaurin when the third I mean you get speedsters all over the place you speedsters even later what a pain heart like went undrafted all yeah I was almost there there's no way you could five guys was with the idea is though that you need somebody to take the top off opposite live is gonna to maximize what he does three oh three someone three eighty five eighty five phone number five six six nine zero the tax line right it was Benjamin Albright when we come back.

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