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Judge in Texas is agreeing with Republican state attorney generals that believe ObamaCare is unconstitutional Headley heath manning is the director of policy for the independent women's forum. She talks about this ruling, and why it caught some people off guard. But I wasn't surprised. I think a lot of people who follow this stuff closely. We're actually not surprised that judge O'Connor would issue. A ruling like this. Of course, it's a question now, whether the appellate court will agree with judge O'Connor's district level decision or whether the appellate. Court will side with the federal government against the states. But regardless this sent some shockwaves through the circles of people who maybe weren't expecting this ruling doesn't change much about the law as it is today, but it certainly throws the future of the law into question. And as far as the timeline on when we can expect to hear more about this case. Manning says it could drag on for months as it works its way through the court system. People will remember that in two thousand and ten when the Affordable Care Act passed many states led by Florida at that time filed a lawsuit against the individual mandate. And that case was filed like the evening that the law was signed by President Obama, and it took until two thousand well before the supreme court decided the case. And of course, that's the ruling everyone remembers where Justice Roberts sided with the majority and said that this was a proper use of Congress's taxing power for USA radio news. I'm timberg. It may have been a messy divorce that suddenly cut your income in half. But not your bills. It might have been an injury or illness or your boss, just cutting back your hours. It doesn't really matter. How you got in over your head?.

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