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Twenty percent per year the answer is okay only got two hundred thousand home are gonna make this thing work and for some of you you've already kind got to figure it out i paid my house off i'm doing fine guy couple hundred thousand here got my social security coming in maybe a little pension you can retire that way but many of you the majority of you all these stats you hear something about the new year all these stats about own seventy five percent of americans don't have one hundred uh don't have one thousand dollars to pay for an emergency i woulda who are these people who are these people just in here's another troubling thing i saw that debt levels are highest there are as high as they've ever been we have the highest leverage ratios than we've ever had before in america this is when people are fat and happy the economy is warring like a steam engine and people are taking on more debt than they've ever had before that scares the crap out of me because now is the time you should be paying your debt off not taking on more debt if anything you should be taking on debt when we're in the heart of a recession in times are tight in thin people are fat and happy in their taken on more debt it's ikea yuchu chew up the beni hill music in an an an internet ended in an an an an internet right to take on debt and be dumb it's greed don't you think it's like oh you know i've ever had just wants more now it's it's it's meek believe makebelieve via peeing contests k everyone's peak hawking around pretending they've got more than they actually got and then what happens is gouda hardworking people fall into this trap of oh will i need as much as a dawn tom got the brand new bmw so if i driving to work in my honda accord i'm gonna look like i'm not as good as tom no one carers no one cares be.

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