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Progressive presents get pumped inspiration to help you do insurance stuff okay time out you're gonna let your budget be the boss of you take control with progressive name your price tool tell us what you want to pay for car insurance and we'll help you find options that fit your budget here's some music to get you pooped down down down down i hear your budget laughing at you oh wait that's just those kids laughing at me casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law some day right y'all off sounds oh the r h a b ambi some day bryce awesome school can sell you in our case three i everybody welcome to the rha in be my name is mike bloom talking about a double boot michigan that was this past episode of survivor we are together unlike the two separated la vida groups we have come together as one to talk about this past weeks episode i let me bring in the co host of the bnb liana boris liana how're you doing well the bnb still has fully matured into a real bed and breakfast but we are an authentic fake bnb so that makes me happy and i'm happy because you know i think someone can truly check the validity is fairly one of the biggest professionals we've had on the bnb proper at least he sounds that way because he's run the smartest people i know antonio massaro so happy to have you for the first time on the bnb how're you doing.

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