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At least two people including a child remain hospitalized in serious condition following a house fire early this morning in Aberdeen total of seven people including three children were able to escape the flames on Duffy street just after four this morning once they got out Derek bird noticed as eight year old niece was about so he went back in Aberdeen police lieutenant she J. cast Dan calling him a hero forced entry back into the residence internal is fully involved with plans at that time she went upstairs and was able to to bring the eight year old he forced entry upstairs and was able to bring her out of the residence and helped her to survive in the Aberdeen fire department estimates the loss resulting in the fire more than a quarter million dollars deadly officer involved shooting in Paul's bowl last night deputy say man was threatening people add a third of July celebration in there nine one one lines lit up man was shot and killed at waterfront park the name of the suspect an officer being withheld until family members can be contacted there was an officer involved shooting at tenth and Jackson in Seattle last night osrs eight counter the female attendant Jackson she was armed at that time officers fired at that at that scene she was set afire treated her for a raise please bookmark Jamison says the woman was taken to the hospital by medic one no police officers were hurt well this year police in Everett are taking is zero tolerance stance when it comes to lighting illegal fireworks come was ran Yamamoto explains what detectives will do if they see them they'll confiscate them and give you a ticket officers are out in full force patrolling your parks and schools and it's all out effort with fire safety in mind in a matter of seconds it can take over a house and on people get injured hurt or even killed in the fire and so we want to avoid that at all cost if you live in ever you'll notice extra patrols during the day the night time for tonight's celebrations jail police are putting drug dealers on notice new patrols are shutting down the opener dealing in crime in the downtown core police chief Carmen best announced bicycle patrols another resources will focus on the third Avenue.

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