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Homeless camps that line the santa ana river it's part of a plan to clear those camps and find permanent housing for the hundreds of people living there more from kpcc's jill rep local lieutenant jeff puckett overseas the orange county sheriff's department homeless outreach team up until recently he says that he must focused almost entirely on trying to connect homeless people with social services now he says they'll be enforcing the law but undeniable at terrific criminal element of get out there he says the sheriff's department will crackdown on victimbased crimes like assaults and robberies in the river bed camps and he hopes that will also help lessen crime in surrounding neighborhoods tim party helps how he and his wife manage the park royale mobile home park in orange which borders the river he says crime has increased dramatically in a park as the neighboring homeless encampment has ground in the last fourteen months we've had over a hundred and sixty by dolan some homeless people camped along the river have also complained about crime but some advocates for the homeless fear that the sheriff's department also plans to crackdown on minor violations which could make life even harder for homeless people covering orange county amtel rep level tomorrow at the anaheim city hall the anaheim city council vote on whether to declare a local emergency to deal with the homeless camps along the santa ana river fresh air with cherry gross at eight o'clock but first we check the damage in florida from hurricane erma that smacks 738 kpcc supporters include their richard in karen carpenter performing arts center in long beach presenting.

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