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I would not be shocked to see madame web brought in there because there's already a secret wars series a secret invasion. Oh secret invasion. That's different schools. Grohl okay tar timeline. I want madame web. We i think that we can all agree. Doctor strange's most likely to happen. But i think we all want madame web to be put into the ncaa. That would be absolutely amazing. But so. we're having about four movies in the sony universe and in the c. Coming out of the closest one is no way home. And how this one connects is well. I mean don't don't don't ignore the fact that a terminals comes out in a month but it's true about that connected to this storyline. Who knows eternal might be connected to it. We have no idea what turtles really is going to be. But no way home. we actually might see venom. Manetti show up in this as either side character. Or what most. People think is a post credits. Scene stinger looks for another thing which again yes would make sense now. Doctor strange too. I think here we can talk about something else. Besides the post credits scene now shriek is a mutant apparently movie she mentions and beginning that here mutations becoming too strong and that she's going to be moved to another facility to ravenscroft ravenscroft and now dealing with the multi verse of madness to you guys think we can see more mutants in doctor strange to and that we might see different version of shriek to be able to connect to. I don't know. I feel like they've got to do something more to be able to bring in mutants and x. Men i think this is an honestly thought they would have to do more to bring the sony universe into the mci except for post credit scene so fair but i still think that the mute..

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