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Let's head back down to the starting grid now we're two of the guys we expect to be factors in today's racer standing by winston kelly who's with you i'm with jimmy johnson he's won three times here the last one in two thousand thirteen up in fourth how good is this race car and what is it gonna take to get back to victory lane it's it's a great race car without a doubt this guy's brought me a great chevy camaro lowesforpros on the side of it and we're we're ready to go racing it's just surviving you know i think that all four hundred cars are really fast those sports look pretty good but no that really matters if you don't get to the end and have a chance to raise for it and stage points is completely changed the game if you're only focused on a finnish result you can be out earned quickly in the stages and beat a deficit in the point spectrum sell it's a fine balance you know obviously those states points are important in guys we usually have wrecks coming to take the green checkered flag on the things so alex i are just sitting here talking about that trying to manage and try to maybe put ourselves in a position of we can neither see you come in and get away or maybe a head of it if we if we can sake three time winner here jimmy johnson going to start fourth this afternoon let's go to alex the driver who will start in the third spot is brad keselowski he's got his beautiful daughter in arms getting ready to be introduced to the crowd and brad told our woody kane in the qualifying broadcast best superspeedway car you've you've ever been in so the car in practice did you get a chance to get any kind of a draft and practice get ninety what it's going to be like in the turbulent air yeah a little bit but now practice kimberlite ford and drafting configuration just real short practice sessions and then of course the rain hit but don't oh yeah oh really good about the best car thing i've had daytona and we wanna make the most of it i mean to do that great competition alex and you know this rose package that the leader is very vulnerable so glad to see how plays out brad keselowski starts today and position number three steve post has our poll center we have talked to a couple of hendrick drivers here and they've qualified up towards the front of the field with alex bowman with jimmy johnson qualifying on the front four but they will follow the hooters colors and that is chase elliott's car chase recovery qualifying yesterday what's your thoughts here as far as race conditions here tonight obviously car has a lot of bass or did yesterday drives good yeah think it's done going down certainly an l but a lot of grip and we'll see what night brings i'm sure it's going to be rowdy so hopefully we're on a good end of it you mentioned a lot of pace what what is that different having a fast race car here at daytona versus just kind of hang with the pat what does that allow you to do yeah i mean i think there's always talk about just being the guy always going to be that guy and you always going to be the person that can push elaine and make things happen so it can be that person tonight we'll see if he's that guy that's chase elliott has the hooters colors on the car and he's going to lead the field degree in here tonight at daytona international speedway thanks steve coming back it is a week of fireworks with the july fourth holiday on wednesday and they're still.

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