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Make It wa. That's okay. I've talked with him and. That was fantastic. While nothing. Nice tools very much. Okay. That was just me him in a drummer in Avante. Get broad. Driving across Europe playing club gigs, and that was amazing. And it's GONNA be awesome. Do you collect much geared? You've had your your base you had your Geisha girl do you collect a lot of bases or gear? Oh Man his. Yes ashore of. Really. Like all. Standing hand on his full team basis hanging on the wall Oh. Wow. Do abuse will go. I've got one inch four track Jason. Several other Beatles machine here. Oh Wow. The cool. TTRIJ CC seven machine. Yes I do I got lots of. Loss again. Recording do I do other onto machine who radar? Digital Technology should love all to tape the really do much commercials recruiting. So I have got lots of just recently got very buying early eighty s destroy here. Using signs. That very. Overnight that stuff. Is the reason why you like that is just A. Warmer sound. Well, you know what it is combining things you know so. If. You had the of the fifties record with a plate reverb. And Design of rings also offs. Offset that with digital distortion. So it's a bit like saying. It's a making records to using example if I was going to make a piece. To, say you were going to build an original. It's every detail original Julian Heison in England. So you get. A. Blood you oxygen everything's loss detail to be. At original. But then for some reason, you talk a plus stay conservatory on the side. At all gallery walk in and you may have a pre-raphaelite the next. Picture that kid coming out from the seventies. Combined. Combining these things you know that's what I love doing all of combining. Combining. Chef yeah. Like that's what I do. My Gay do you have a timeframe for your new music? Released or All. Wish I had A. I think. So look comfortable audience. Really. Going to be released by October because I mean, no wasting for. So I'll have to release it. I'll have to give myself a deadline just keep writing. I'll to release something. Would like to release some Christmas. Next year we'll do okay the touring because all the touring was blamed this year. Yeah Yeah Mental Tori was the next year. We'll carry on burnishing unwind stuff. Interesting videos. I'm the captive audience for you. I absolutely love this stuff you did with Robert at the love form is fantastic I. I can just sit down and listen to that album. That's it's. Really. Stupid GonNa go walk the. Really. Really. Serious of serious will must talk. You let me know what you're saying I will absolutely when when I get a chance to hear absolutely, Let you know think I'm anxious to hear some of it. Charlie. Thank you so much for spending the evening I know it's getting late by I. Really do thank you. The thing is I've got three children you know and threat. This thing? From the beginning face and having my children lots saying truthfully the tide mean. We're keeping my head stray would wash my children the sorority misdemeanor wonder that relationship with them and what my brings to my music seriously is being being. The most important thing above will you know it's great having scare and so come at touring rooms. But at the end of the day, it's small compared. Packing them with a high I know exactly what you're saying got three of my own and they're all teenagers. Exactly, the deal run that interest is the high will lead doing embarrassing to do because the the people carrying the torch now. Yeah. No I I completely get it I. Mean I'm in my Late forties so What you're talking about right. So I didn't get a chance to talk about a lot but they awesome. Thank you so much. This has been a blast. Own. If you ever get a chance to come over to the US I've town. That I wanNA I wanNA. You. Know I love I. Love It in the state I can't tell you I, love it. I love it. There I wanNA combine to a love to America. I love the country to awesome will very marshall. I live just outside of Washington DC little.

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