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I do study suggests that if you are going into the operating room, you want your surgeon to be listeningto rapper Hip hop researchers at Heidelberg University Medical School in Germany discovered Hip hop and classical make surgeons more efficient rock and what they're calling radio music. I'm guessing they mean pop music is less effective. The operating room isn't the only environment rap music has proven to be beneficial. During a recent study, researchers found a combination of hip hop and coffee resulted in better reaction times while driving, Okay. 11 apartment building plans to offer guests a chance to swim through the air Embassy Garden says its opening the world's first sky pool in May. It's a transparent pool built between the top Of 2 10 story buildings, Uh, swimmers can enjoy views of the London I am Parliament instead of focusing on the ground below them, However, it's for residents and their guests. A two bedroom apartment cost more than $1.4 million. Well, good. I won't have a chance to say no, I won't swim there. No. Over two years. Time is 8 55 and Sully's News about your body is brought to you by bay Alarm. If your security is not the best, you're not secure. One group lost more income during covert than the combined GDP of 98 countries. Guys. The fallout from the Copa 19 pandemic has been disastrous. For one group women. That's right..

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