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Welcome into tomorrow with dave grave. Line the interactive radio network program with the latest in high tech products and services and the experts. Who bring them to you. This is into tomorrow. Here's dave grave line for the weekend of friday march twelfth during our twenty six year on the air which is pretty hard. Because i'm barely twenty nine myself. You're doing into tomorrow again. My number of backwards. I love ninety three ninety-two two whatever i get. My math is off to a good thing. I can't reach you across this tuck table with all the microphone. Booms and stuff in the way. We have to maintain feet of social distance. Oh yeah yeah. We've done that since the beginning. That's probably how we both had the rona. probably now anyway. Did i mention that. I'm dave grave line. I'm chris grave line he did. I also mentioned that. We've got beth from naples as part of the team raw small in south beach. Kim and coconut creek horatio in new york city and no so many highly gardens. And julio here in the control room and we're all here for one purpose to inform and entertain you some people might say that's two purposes but i consider it one overall purpose inform and entertain. It's what we wanna do but are we doing either. Know how about some tech news and then we're going to get to some calls to. We've got john standing by used to listen to us on c. Klw until they started selling their weekends anyway when he got twitter users in russia will need to practice some patients every time they visit the website. Oh the country's communications authority has announced that it's slowing down twitter's speed for failing to remove what they call illegal content materials with prohibited information. So they're slowing down their speed. The decision comes shortly. After russia sued twitter google facebook and other websites for allegedly failing to delete posts urging children to take part in illegal protests according to them over the sentencing received by a prominent critic vladimir putin interesting. All my gosh well i guess that's one way to do it. Yeah you can wonder if we can do that. State by state because our state and others are going after big tech. Well no in this country that just shut down. They don't slow them down. Yeah that's that's still very bizarre. So facebook is finally lifting its ban on political advertising that the social media giant instituted after the polls closed on election day back in november. The antisocial facebook said it would allow advertisers to buy new ads about social issues elections or politics beginning this week. That according to a copy of an e-mail sent to political advertisers those advertisers must complete a series of identity checks before being heard and authorized to place the ads in a blog post. Facebook said we've heard a lot of feedback about this and learn more about political and electoral ad during this election cycle. Jd think as a result he said we plan to use the coming months to take a closer look at how these ads work on our services to see where further changes may be merited. Does okay meantime facebook's coordinated inauthentic behaviour report interesting title for february twenty twenty one provides details on five networks that were removed from its platform totaling. Nine hundred fifteen accounts six hundred six. Instagram accounts eighty six pages and twenty one groups but the antisocial facebook claims they are inclusive. You gotta wonder. Yeah that's why i call them. Antisocial media spotify is making it easier for you to parse your light songs. The company's rolling out a new feature that will let users filter their light songs by genre and mood. This way. you can enjoy more of what you like without compromising on the vibe that you're currently feeling to access the filters you have to have at least thirty liked songs you can then go to your library tap into light songs and select filter. That's listed across the top. You can remove that filter whenever you'd like to swap out a new one. I've long wished for this feature on amazon music. Which is the service i use. Amazon doesn't seem to put as much thought into their music services that do other services. Yeah apparently i'm gonna ask you use spotify and would that be helpful because you are a big music fan and i use amazon music but it's kind of like the. The red headed stepchild amazon services. True true i well. Maybe it'll come in handy for some people. They'll at least have that opportunity to do mood and vibe selections alexes latest. Tell me when update is designed to offer users reminders and follow up tasks after an initial command. The feature can also connect with other apps as well as notifications for messages received from your contacts. Just what you want is to be re reminded from your own contacts of previous message. Yeah like i always say. If there's an email or a text that i send you with a question mark it requires hitting the reply button. Well at least you stop for us to do. And i'm i shouldn't say this starting again where you would resend an email with two purple question marks as you know in the top of it. Yeah like hello what gives it was the earlier version of w t f. Yeah yeah okay. John who now listens online. He says he used to listen all the time on. Ck l. w. sends the following email. Chris would you do. Your best. Imitation of john sir says Looking for video doorbell running only on battery power. Try to ring video. Doorbell three could not get to hook up with google or alexa tech support. Tried but to no avail returned it but still looking any suggestions. Well john you already tried one of the heavyweights in the market. So we'll suggest the other one you can try google nest their latest google nest. Hello sells for around two hundred dollars. And it's built to connect to google home the most interesting selling point. If you will for it is that it can recognize when a package dropped off so it will alert you of it being specifically package so you can go get it and you can also try the arlo smart doorbell. Cheaper than the nest but have a look at the subscription. They charge to access the recordings before. You make any decision if you had trouble connecting the ring to alexa. You might want to make sure that your wifi connection reaches the door. The rings should be able to interact with alexa relatively easily. Since it's one of the main selling points and if the issue is the network connection rather than the device in probably went into trouble with any smart doorbell you try. yeah. I don't know about you. But i've had a lot of trouble with my various ring devices. I mean i've got one hundred cameras all around my house. And we got about two hundred. All around the studios were very security conscious but a lot of times they just haven't worked or they're sending me false alarms all the time. Yeah my ring cameras. I've got one on my ring. Doorbell ring overhead over my my walkway and the theory is i can tell alexa walkway but by the time it's able to connect to the ring and actually bring the video up. I can just as easily walk outside and open the door or at least look through the people. Yeah because you're waiting. You're waiting your weight. And then maybe. She'll connect persnickety alexa. Good heavens what do you think you got any questions. Comments concerns anything. We can address for you. Eight hundred eight nine nine into eight hundred eight nine nine four six eight six or.

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