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Film or TV. Okay. I have a really odd favorite film. My favorite film is the dead zone directed by David Cronenberg. Okay. It's been spooked many times by Christopher Walken. But I actually really love the film. It's weird. But it's it's a good watch never seen. Great performances. Do you have a TV? What's your TV thing? Do you? Do you like reality TV? I do. I I mean, I also watch like some trashy stuff like ninety day fiance, and I'm still a little into Amish. Although I don't think it's that real. Yeah. I don't think they're like that Amish. I think like how much of your show Israel because I'm watching it, very real Laura Spencer come in. That was a real she. She redid my entire understand. It was so cold seen. I saw was. Yeah. It's the it's basically dawn you're in bed. And somehow there's a camera. There's two cameras there's a camera in your room. It'd be appreciative wanted me to go to an estate sale. And I didn't know you have to go to the mid five in the morning when it's dark now, we gotta go. It's Larra get in with the keys. He gave me. Six AM we've five states else to go to we want to beat the antique dealers. It's dark out. I know this is when we do it you're pretending to wake up you pretend to have makeup on. Right. Right. So that this is why I have a hard time with reality television through that part was s but I will say ninety five percent of the show was really real. And in fact, what I struggle with is. I don't think they would even let me make that show now because they film that show for six months for eight episodes. Now, it's like Bing, bang, boom. And people are reading scripts, and my favorite is when you can see is movie, you can see the breeding the prompter. So we didn't have that on the list. But I do miss like reality shows that are real now. Every so often, you'll get sort of an accidental real moment. My favorite is if you're watching Kardashians, which I know you never miss, and then Kim we'll get a surprise phone call from Konya, and you can see this look hunter face that. You're like, oh that that's real. She really did not expect that call. And then finally. Yeah. Miscellaneous anything from your life that you. I love that you would recommend to others. Oh, yeah. I have a boring answer. I like the morning I'm crazy Walker like I'm like Forrest Gump. I don't know if I could walk cross country. I think I might so everyday I go on to five to seven mile walk. And I do the crazy lady arm circles. Oh, which I'm demonstrated that lady that lady and also at fends off Salas because nobody wants to mess with the crazy lady who's fifty eight walking too fast. Like, I'm a speed Walker from Kenya. Waving her arms because I think I'm Kathy Griffin assailant that this is the way of saying of pointing yourself out and going, oh, I'm Kathy Griffin. I'm the crazy woman who walks her rent so what I do to safeguard you just walk around your house, and then probably takes eight minutes. No. But what I do is. I put on to kind of scare people and unnerved them I put on way too much eyebrow pencil way too much lipstick. And I look really freaky. So even if someone was about to say, hey, get out of ISIS or hey, I'm a fan. They they're like, you know, what not today. This bitch is crazy. Kathy. Like so much for coming. I adore you genius. And talent I'm mighty is. What I like to think of myself. Thank you for everything. Thank you for being amazing. Thank you, sir. How to be amazing is brought to you by PR ex. Like how to be amazing on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at HEB A underscore show. And check out our website at how to be amazing show dot com. If you like what you've heard these, right? It's a nice review on itunes. How amazing is produced by Jennifer Brennan, Mary shinkin, it's recorded Ardo studio. New York City today's show is mixed and edited by Robin Lynn with music composed by Chad crouch. I'm Michael black. Black.

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