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Iheart media as well as k. m. e. in southern california on. Abc news talk happy. What's today wednesday happy wednesday. Everyone feel the same way. I feel you on that. Oh my god this morning. I'm not kidding you. I had roof guys here and i'm telling you this is like a what's the name of that with the money pet. I own it actually is a good movie But we're gonna have a great show today. Because i've got news. We have some very special guests here with us. Today we've got keith. Michelle norris They are the founders of paleo f x one of the largest paleo platforms in the world. Their website is paleo. F x dot com on instagram at paleo fx. I love these two people. Keith and michelle. Norris welcome back to one live radio. Thanks for having a high. Are you full of energy. It's coming down to the wire here. It's going to be saturday. And we're we're so thrilled to have you guys back to talk about. Virtual paleo affects to one twenty. And so you know michelle and keith for those. That aren't familiar. What was the motivation. Behind the creation of paleo f x. And what does it. What does this event mean to you today. Well payment fax was kind of inspired. Our daughter britney was killed in a car accident. Eleven and a half years ago and she was a music and worship ministry major. She was killed three days before her twenty third birthday in week before her college graduation she had planned to be a minister and work in the mission field and We held her first memorial service. On what would have been her twenty third birthday and there were about seven hundred people in attendance and they had a receiving line for us and we literally almost received all of those people and they were telling us how britney had really change their lives and very specific and very profound ways and so we were inspired. You know even being you know kinda nominal autopilot to carry on that legacy and so we kinda struggled with what that would look like because bernice gifts are very different from ours. Shoes very gifted musician and singer. And you know that's just not what we do so we were trying to figure out what it would look like to carry on her legacy of changing lives In our way and then when we realized we just needed to operate in our own gifts which is Dude nutrition fitness health wellness all of that that We would eventually land on paleo affects and So it was an interest and did the ancestral health symposium in two thousand eleven brittany was killed in two thousand nine and in two thousand eleven in august. We were After the and that an inaugural in sexual health symposium which is very decidedly academic symposium that discusses the science behind paleo and We were real excited to attend it. But we were sitting on the runway at lax. Getting ready to fly home. And i was telling keith you know the thing that was missing. Is they really need to show people how to do this. Like they should have cooking demonstrations and they should have movement showing people how to work out all of that stuff and keep said well. They're an academic conference. I don't think they're going to do that and We sat there talking and we decided that we were going to do that. Because that was the component that was truly missing in. All of this was where the rubber meets the road You know taking the theory and putting it into practice because people are happy. Science exists paleo. But if they don't know how to use the science it's kind of irrelevant to them and it's and they become indifferent to it so i love it now. I'm sorry no no. No i just said i love it so now Paleo for us now really truly means freedom It is the basis of everything that can make you free. And so We talk about the seven pillars health which are physical mental emotional relationship financial spiritual and tribal and so and we also talk about that in an apartment book uprising. and basically. if the if you kind of envision domino's in a circle this is how the pillars are and they all are interdependent on each other and if one goes down the rest are going to go down and so we really talk about how to be a free critically thinking human who is optimized and Who is you know fully actualized as the complete potential but they are as a human so That's really what it means to us now is really Creating freedom and reclaiming your freedom as a human. I love it. So let's talk about the the event. It's saturday so what did the listeners need to know. In order to get involved And with paleo. F x twenty twenty virtual. What do they need to do. They can go to pay affects dot com forward slash virtual and. they'll see the landing page and They can sign up. They can do the one day access. It's saturday november the fourteenth from nine. Am to seven pm central time and they can get the one day access or they can buy the vip that gives them the thirty day access to To everything that can't 'cause it's there's a lot of amazing speakers so it's a lot to try to consume in one day so having thirty days to be able to consume it is a really great A great value and we would say get the get a thirty day access pony up for that because there is so much information. You're just not gonna be able to soak it all in in one day. I mean we have really packed his schedule. Out for maximum value for people Well i think that's going to be my option. Because i don't wanna miss anything so well how many what kind of speakers. I know that sean. Wells is one of the speakers. And dave asprey. Who's going to be on the show tomorrow. Little sneak peek. I'm so excited about it. But who else is going to be with you. L. with paleo affects virtual twenty twenty. What are some of your other guests. We have Jim quick. I'm john gray which a lot of people probably know him from men are from mars. Women are from venus. That's his book doctor tom. O'brien dr steven country allen christianson ben greenfield Michaela peterson dr. Dan stickler dr paul salvino. Dr david shockers. Dr patrick show. Dr anna cabella dr l. enough villanueva. We were with.

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