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And the Beatles as I said where the top mood, boosting band Among the artists with eagles number two and I've got a few more of the top. Ones coming up this hour for our Barbara music I'm over. Half of Americans fifty two percent say the eating healthy food and more and more cleanly eating Hello. Eating healthy and, more cleanly make them feel happier But another forty five percent say that regular exercise is a. Factor that leads to their. Happiness so what what is it that would change a bad mood into a good, mood here's the text that. I can relate to Playing with my grandson I have a granddaughter? But the text is playing with my grandson When I look I was in, a good mood every day that I woke up in Portland. A couple of weeks, ago love visiting my son and his wife But this grandbaby. Is just having a grandbaby like that in your life at this point in my life is just an I know you may know exactly what that feels, like it's just so, unbelievably special and when when she smiles. And I know many of you can, relate to this when she smiles at you just can't help but think my God, everything is is, right with the world here's another text that I cannot. Read but I understand it in, tax what turns a bad mood. Into a good nude a good move a good, mood making the, launching. A launching a, boat I can see that Jimmy Buffett a true parrot head my mood my best mood BUSTER is reading, the comic strip Calvin and hops wow I've never. Been a comic strip guy I've never gotten into, the into the, comics Here's a. Texas says and this this reflects a. Few text sex is a good mood changer Yuri you're on WWL good afternoon Hey give me one. Second let me pull up Right People who don't want to drive and talk Go, ahead Jerry pulling over right now right now All right so that lawyer of that called in earlier stated that there was a there was. No stranger ground law on. The state of. Louisiana I thought there was right, you are correct, so in, the state of Louisiana when Florida theft the stand your ground law in two thousand and two thousand and five Louisiana inactive on its own stand. Your ground law in two thousand six very castle the statues out any Louisiana to use deadly force or otherwise protect one or herself and his her property. Or castle the protectors, also once home or car now after that route two thousand, later in two thousand and six governor Kathleen Blanco What signed into all signed into law any person. Who is in a place where he or she has the right to beat including a public place does not have an obligation to retreat if faced with. The real or perceived, threat and may stand his or her brownie horse with force Yeah and I, thought that was a big controversy this, is why I thought there was a stand your ground law on the books here is, because there was a, big controversy about whether or not you could actually shoot somebody who is trying to steal your car if you were not in the car No it's. A big role plays in that if if let's, say let's say you are in front of the car somebody gets in your car and they're trying to run you over then you have every reason to you know. You meet deadly force because the car Yeah Somebody gets in your car like this lady up some. Harris I think it was last. Year she was going to her and her son with the fellow card to, somebody and the guy took the car and took, off and she started shooting at the car is now she. Was she was arrested for it because she was not in danger in anything at? All I appreciate. That information and, I know this is gonna come up on on future shows because, it's a popular topic and the no the the. Point is a lot of people do not, understand the stand your ground laws and some people are in prison because they didn't understand it all right so what changes your bad mood into a good mood here's..

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