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X. are it features guest from different walks of life we share memories and meditations about a piece of classical music that means a lot to them the idea is to create a kind of daily listening ritual around classical music in the hopes that just maybe we'll hear each other differently in the process here on all of it were following along throughout the season this is episode twenty two when I was younger classical music was only played in bookstores and sort of this very low key environments but nowadays you can expose children to the music in a way that allows and just to appreciate the music without any stereotypes my name is Justin Jackson preschool art teacher in New York City and this is in the hall of the mountain king by Edvard Grieg the beginning part from the really strikes a chord because it takes me back to when I was younger I was marching around the living world you know because that the instrument itself almost instruct you to kind of like move in a certain way especially this part I remember to to a really really fast just getting very excited even nowadays when I'm working with children I put it on and just kind of see how they sort of respond to it we had children picking paint brushes to match the sounds and I remember Chow picking a very thick paint brush for this beginning part just sort of stamping the paper right to the beach and then you saw other children you know kind of crap in their paint brushes and adding to it as instruments for calm sometimes children would pick up the the smaller paintbrushes just lightly tapped the you know the paper more paintbrushes more instruments it's louder and louder and louder and louder and at this point the children ages excited and they just going wow throwing paint on the paper the press is everywhere breaststroke and this is this is the part as a teacher that you just truly enjoy because the children are fully engaged I still even to this day get excited about this part is so dramatic so.

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