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I did the research i gotta figure now i have a good system everybody's today of the word coupon by mattress warmer i figured it out don't worry okay so eminem dramatically shift gears i emma so excited the prince harry's engaged do you like royals on thrown for them yes i was so happy that that was at the top of the twitter feed this morning yes i was like does yes light will tour from real life her a hearse of all i love prince harry at totally root for him i remember reading went said princess diana was like he's the one everyone should go for you won't have all the pressure and he's super more fun and also he's a rented so kindred spirits he's engaged to mega marchal who is an american folks on with that far and she is of our ratio which is very exciting also mixing up the royal family diversity wise think that'll be great their weddings going to be in the spring i wonder how big of a how much of like a big fancy royal wedding like part of me is like wants them to just be like that discriminate we're not doing that way but also bigger part of me owns a big oh american princess royal wedding that's amazing it is free exciting i mean i watched i'm so happy for him in also you know sometimes he struggles he makes questionable decisions particularly with halloween customs but i feel like he's like very matured he is like super easy you know he's into the in victoria games he's very dedicated to his causes i just leprince area i'm so happy for him and she seems lovely ya i'm so excited how babies i wanna watch all i'm so excited guys go forth and prosper i love royals i do i don't i don't make any apologies about it and clearly facebook knows because i get all the like 30 things you didn't know about roy roles i watch all the things i wish the crown i watched victoria amal about him all about anything involving particularly the british royal family.

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