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You for listening to the AP radio network did you know that you can purchase prints of a piece for tiger thing for your personal or small business use every day a piece to talk first capture incredible images from all around the world there on the scene of wars and conflicts concerts movie premieres championship games and parade. AP images dot com to find iconic photos displaying your home office restaurant or to give to friends and colleagues for more information visit AP images dot com. Fiji's prime minister wants Australia to do more to slash greenhouse gas emissions Frank Bainimarama said in a speech at the Australian defence college that he holds Fiji and Australia could find more common ground on climate change he said both countries are already suffering the effects of climate change Bainimarama's visit comes as Australia's center left opposition is thinking about abandoning its policy of reducing Australia's greenhouse gas emissions by forty five percent below two thousand five levels by twenty thirty prime minister Scott Morrison's conservative coalition won a surprise third term with a commitment to reduce emissions by a more modest twenty six percent to twenty eight percent in the same time frame. the world's tallest residential building will open next year in New York City but the one hundred twelve floor Central Park tower will be competing with other ultra luxury buildings for billionaire buyers Extell development company president Gary Barnett says the three billion dollar fifteen hundred fifty foot tower is entering an oversupply market he said X. dollars partners will have to be flexible and selling the buildings multi million dollar apartments apartments now listed on Central Park towers websites range from six point nine million dollars for a thirty third floor two bedroom apartment to sixty three million dollars for a one hundred twelfth floor five bedroom the world of journalism is lost another influential member A. P.'s.

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