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All you have to do is use the code bachelor. That's Code B. A. C. H. E. L. O. are are you guys. I'm back talking to the Mike Mike Johnson and we've been talking about his time on the Bachelorette and how he got here and just as journey through this whole Bachelorette journey but one question I wanna ask you because the way Hannah season ended. We've never seen anything like it before and I don't WanNa get too into it because it's we've talked about it so much but I I am curious as to I ask you this. Are you call with jet. Yes okay so I'm not going to get a lot out of you know you probably will say. Did you see see this coming. Oh I'm just because I can be cool so we're not going to be one not honest about the situation right so no none of us knew that jet had I someone back home like at all it was I mean when you see my eyes right now. I was like I was flabbergasted by had no idea I new Hanover GonNa choose jet though even for the moment I got even furthermore when I got home because I know Ellen Ellen and she was playing a game with her who she likes and she chose. What's his name from a star is born Bradley Cooper? She chose Henchoz Bradley Cooper. She likes guys that look like they haven't showered in a few days and that's jet and so it looks like he has a shower or does he smell like head. Just smells good. He smells good rough around the edges like that. I know it's just his style okay whereas tight jeans with the booze you know the nice little leather jacket thing got a little beer going in style. Where's The rain I mean I'm not? I'm not yeah he was out to me. I'm not I know. None of us knew that jade had a woman back home. seems the Great Gatsby. He's Hilarious is super funny. He's hilarious things. You don't get to see I mean we had jet on the show and of course it was more of a serious conversation so so we didn't get to talk to him about that but it's interesting to know. There's this other side of him now. Although it's sad to say that you will not make history being currently being the first black bachelor sorry Oh no we'll get into that but I want to say you did make history because to my knowledge and again I didn't watch the show before I was on it. You're the first contestant to where a do rag in. It all we have to talk about that do ranking analyst go stood up in class when I said this is the show ever seen on the show. I'm always be me always be one hundred to myself of they always have you know we're at home all day in a mansion. Why am I going to do very well? I'm only going to have on like y'all want us to be the reality TV so I'm going to show you reality. I appreciate it because I am and what you guys don't know little behind the scenes information. We're not allowed to wear sunglasses. We aren't allowed to wear hats. That's when I love to wear things really on our heads. So when I saw that you were able to wear the do rag I said wait a estate Mike you know I couldn't do this podcast without talking about the REC. I almost posted hosted on social media when it happened but I didn't it was it was great. I was a fan of it I Love Monterey I WANNA to get an paradise but before I get there. I do want to ask you a question because I felt like this was a question that was posed to me and it's sad to say I don't get a lot of opportunities -tunities to talk with other people in the franchise about it just because there aren't a lot of people in the franchise that look like us but being a person of color in this franchise. Do you fill like Oh. I guess I should ask you. What did it feel like to be a person of color in this franchise? Did you always feel that similar to the way you said when you went to the audition you were the only black male there Do you feel like your race was an issue on Hannah season. Do you feel like it's something that you had to talk about dot constantly. I'm very curious so when I found out there's a southern white girl girl from Alabama as Bachelorette House I wo- sent home now you. I know you WANNA say home down sucks but when Hanan I kissed for the first time as okay you know she might like the big lips and then from there it will be in the back of my mind. I will say you know could Hennessy herself bringing African American guy home to our parents and and now I know one hundred percent her parents love and adore me and so I respect them as well but that was something that was my mind not going to deny it. You know I was concerned about that but as far as the cast member goes the cast members go. I was like I don't really care. I didn't care about none of them. In that regard is cared about him Anna how she would feel and that sounds like I'm trying to be a good guy. That's just a truth out of I don't care about none of the guys and how they felt Mark Hanna and if she didn't if she could see pass rates than I was cool with that no I I I'm very curious and I love to talk about it mainly because I can but when I was on the Bachelor I didn't feel that way either when I got the first impression rose to be frank. I didn't know what that was because I didn't I didn't I didn't watch the show like that before but there were girls that came to me that said Oh a black person has never received the first impression rose so those things were in my mind when I made it as far as I did. I was told a black person's never made it this far so I didn't really feel it until until those monumental and of course being the Bachelor S I'm just very curious as to how it was for you I let's get into paradise. What the Hell did you decide to go to paradise? I still was single and still wanted to be in a relationship so water. Hell not so they twist your arm. You finally decide hi to go you day car. When you first arrived right? I do see how day card and you decide. It's take Kaelin it was so America doesn't see that I was it was a toss up between Sydney. Kaelin and Katie was my second option of who I wanted Nagourney Day with date even between Sydney Kaelin and then Katie I chose Kaelin overseas because Sydney is quiet and I felt like at the end of the day police have a fun time okay. Where did you guys have a good time? We had a great time to your date. Did you know that it wasn't going to go anywhere after that. I wanted to tell the Sydney Sydney even before going on the day Kaylin. I told me hey I'm going to stay with her but I still want to talk to you and so as soon as I got back next day I was talking talking to senior. I wanted to be with Sydney and she I think day with Dina saying day yeah so it worked out perfect what happened to Sydney. I mean you guys seem to be having fun and playful Long Beach. We really didn't get the end of your stories. What have I not first off to you? That's disrespectful but first off to the show like Bro. Come on you. GotTa like show what happened to the end of Sydney and yeah weird so tell us what happened. I broke doc it off with Sydney. I just felt as if I thought a couple of things one I feel like she didn't find me sexually attractive to our our connection just was not there whatsoever I think we both were trying and I think that's seen as a diamond when a diamond I mean that she is absolutely spectacular and very very hard to crack and that's what I mean by diamond and so all ruby as well but the diamond wasn't for me and so a broken things off with her and then I went to the to the wedding okay so it was before the wedding gosh we really didn't see we're all no so I mean you can kind of set the time line for us but I I'm glad you cleared that up up because I remember watching thinking what happened to Mike in Sydney. They just all of a sudden they just weren't that was weird. I broke it off with Sydney. It was it was respectful respectful and both sides whose mutual and I wanted a wedding and that's what I don't get to see. I was IMA zone. I was my Johnson to a T. Mike Dow's this was set represents San Antonio. I was just happy as can be. I just so just thrilled to be there. I literally forgot I was wearing a microphone I forgot was cameras was on I was having a wonderful time free. I was free yeah. I spoke to Angela. Do I spoke to Bibiana and I just had a wonderful time. It was first of all I love going to weddings because the reception and could you get the dancing. I just have a fun signed. Do the Bunny Hobby that listen when people ask me about my wedding. I'm like let me say about the reception wedding. I had a fantastic pence has to time at Christmas wedding shelter them. They're beautiful birds and then I went on a date with Angela so I've got a question for or you can answer for you. What do you say and I'm asking you this because people said it to me to? What do you say to the critics that say you don't like to date black women yeah that's crazy I would say literally my ex-girlfriend prior to being on America's phases of black women I come from a black woman who's strong beautiful my sister and my grandmother don't make me go off on your first off? I was on a show that the league was a white the girl so therefore who cares Mommy's always telling me follow your heart and then my aunts you know my aunts. They're the ones that want to date a black woman and then articles they she found what's up and that's just me being transparent but my homeboys always and my sister and my grandma always told me to follow my heart and was near and dear to me the crazy thing is if I were a data white girl and back to around from in Dallas and we certain places we will be looked at in Texas that is true but also true is. I don't care I absolutely love my black winning. When I auditioned to be the Bachelor I had a Microsoft Word spreadsheet that I printed out of course she did financial advisor? We're like that and I had three different categories of women and the first was the black woman that I am attracted to and I'm not going to later names and the second the second one was like mixed chicks or whatever learn or other category Pacific Islander Typing Auditorium at third chick the third category is the white girls and I mean I'm a man that has lived around the world living in Europe for five years and I love all people and I am attracted to who try the two. I have always said our marry a black woman but I'm not gonNA hold my breath. I I love you being honest about this and I ask you because again as as preface whole conversation I can talk to you about things that I can't really talk to every guest that comes through here because we have shared experiences and I got the same criticism because you come on TV and you're on the season of someone who's white as the Bachelorette ed. I have a whole slew of of men to choose from and the one I ended up with is Colombian so people automatically think you don't like your your last race and you are Lazarus people automatically think you don't like your own race and you know how it is your judge by America and then you just by Black America and they're the ones and they're the ones that usually lever come at you for not liking your own race and it's so I love you said my girlfriend prior to the show was black..

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