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This is four twenty. I want to get my twenty story bargain. Come to thin golfer. Jesus so what we one day like. I said my cousins and all i one day run up with to my cousins. I'm must say you know what. I know. I tell you we Do people bubalo so one particular morning. I'm in there. It was like a monday. We have worked sunday. And the the threads. They were getting their money. It was a lot of cash bar become. I'm sure there a lot of key. There was a log on like a lot of bad. no no no they will bind. We have to trade bags but they were buying the ten dollars bags in the five alabama. They're buying that bul and it was they will they will buy fahd regulatory bad but they will buy set that and then we had the twenty dollar bags remember. This is in the eighties so one day. In the morning bobby cologne. I'm up like seven thirty in the morning. This female came to the door. Look sort of like you. Okay so i want you know one bag of buddha. Whatever i find open up and give it a bag. She says that she looked she said. I don't want this baggy look real light five with won't gave number back how you like this one. I baba i don't know what her answer back. We're back to the third bac came back. Gave it a back. She gave me the money already. I don't know i'm like yo like this is copying. go right. this is called copying. Go outta here right with back. The fourth time time. I go back to here. Go cable nice. I didn't tap the bags. You ain't tap tap the bags. I know we had. The bags was on a tap. We back when we did take a little feel me. So i gave it a bachelor drag gabor's the fourth bags she was like. I don't like this bag. You know. I said listen. Here's your money he go your money. I don't have which one get out of here. I said. I said i said get outta here. We gotta go so she said what if you bubba about that we behind the door with my dad who you think i'm doing on again Right and probably she was sketched so pissed she goes like this. You know what. I'm gonna call the cops i knew as.

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