President Trump, Governor Terry Mcauliffe And President discussed on Larry O'Connor


Is calling on the Senate to defy the president and support house bills that would fund all departments now closed. Bob Costantini, the White House, and you can hear the president's remarks live on WMA Alar coverage will start at nine tomorrow night. Former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe says he's deciding if he'll run for president governor McAuliffe is urging fellow Democrats to beat President Trump in twenty twenty by rising above what McAuliffe calls the pig pen. Then adding he is a compulsive liar. There's nothing that Donald Trump says is the truth. So you gotta hit them on the falsehoods that he has the former DNC chair says he thinks former vice president Joe Biden will run I do think vice president Biden's probably running from my conversations with him McAuliffe, adding he's gonna make his decision. Mine will be totally independent of what the vice president does McAuliffe expected to make an announcement in the near future, Barbara Brit, WMA L Wm, AL dot com. Twenty eighteen Chesapeake state of the bay report is declining for the first time in ten years. The one point drop from a C minus two d plus reflects last year's heavy rain dubbing pollution from Pennsylvania sites. Concerns over rollbacks of air pollution regulations by the Trump administration. Anytime you burn a fossil fuel nitrous oxides, go into the atmosphere and. Come back down to earth, either falling directly into the water or onto land. And then running off will Baker president of the Chesapeake Bay foundation says however that there are signs at the bay is developing a resilience

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