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Jesse Tyler Ferguson Talks To Ellen About New Year's and Celine Dion



Should we talk for a minute about Jesse Tyler? Yeah. I thought he had a fantastic appearance was really he was. He was really funny. Yeah. He was really quick. And really funny. I mean, he's always entertaining. And he was he was really funny this time. Yeah. He's really I just love him. He's I dunno. I just love him. And he comes out on the show a enters sits down before guess to ask him a question. He just goes right into a monologue about how brilliant she is. And how grateful he is to her for supporting his career. He saw he saw relatable. The night before. And by the way, you guys podcast listeners relatable a net. Flicks. Like do yourself a favor as soon as his podcast is over. If you haven't seen it if it's funny watch- relatable Ellen's returned to stand up. And it is brilliant only watch it as many times as it takes you to memorize it. That's my advice. And here's Jesse just being really funny. I'm not going to say happy new year because we're all done saying having a year because it's too many happy New Year's everybody path happy new year. So you and just in wouldn't you do for for New Year's we went to a fringe of wedding, which is very odd ASICs that throw wedding near Z, but I was happy to go a really fun wedding. But we cut out around ten thirty and we were in bed by eleven thirty and Justice falling asleep. And I was like is like you have to another half hour. Does this make it to midnight is like, okay, we'll wake me up midnight. So I welcome up when the ball dropped Dave my happy new year, literally two minutes later sleep mask on densely. So we had a real wild is. The sleep mask because like super aggressive. It's like good night. Okay. We're done. You went to Vegas, and you went to gosh. Oh is that right? Oh, no. I ended up after party. I went to Vegas, a friend of mine ROY show. Roy Choi was opening up a restaurant called best friend in Vegas. I went to the restaurant opening. And while we were there. I said, well, I'm gonna I'm gonna see sleep Dion. She's been playing there for sixteen years. She's almost done. So we saw we went to go see Dionne, but on the plight there like Adam Lambert was on our flight, Regina, king like half of the real housewives. God everyone's going to this restaurant opening and sure enough I found out it was lady Gaga, I never was swimming that they'd see me. There wasn't even invited didn't know about it. No idea. So everyone else all lady Gaga. But I didn't. Oh. Oh, I'm going next month though. Because now I'm just like, oh, I gotta see lady. Yeah. For sure did you see selene at Gaga concert? Did you see? There. She is she's doing a little bit of air guitar there. And she's gonna say everybody come on. But nobody does everybody know. No, nobody will accept her friend with her that guy. And then back you back to era. Guitar the second there, she goes. God she's living her best line. Yeah. She was enjoying it. She was really enjoying it. I mean, does she do Harrah's her and her show a little bit? Yeah. Well, this is what I know how to do. Yeah. I mean, she puts on that fantastic show that a great voice. Well, it's fine. Yeah.

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