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Fula employees with Swiss Bank UBS is going on trial for allegedly selling account information to tax authorities in Germany for more than one million euros. The ex employees who has not being officially identified thousands of orthodox Christian worshippers plunged into icy rivers and lakes across Bulgaria on Sunday to recover crucifixes casts by priests commemorating, the baptism of Jesus Christ. In one town, the mayor led the men on a dance for nearly a half hour in the freezing water tradition. Holds that the person who retrieves a wooden cross will be freed from evil spirits and will be healthy throughout the year. The feast of the epiphany is held every year on January six then marks the end of the twelve days of Christmas. Britain is testing how severe of a disruption. It would be if it leaves the European Union later this year by sending a stream of trucks to the full of. It is expected that an abrupt departure without a deal would lead to tariff and customs barriers that would slow moving ferry and rail traffic that links Britain to continental Europe the real concerns that major traffic jams leading into an Alto. Fair reports could greatly hamper trade and leave Britain without adequate food and medicine. Parliament is expected to resume its debate over the government's planned withdrawal deal Wednesday with overcoat tentatively scheduled for next week. Dump the wall and shutdown. I'm Tim Maguire with an AP news minute. With no breakthrough inside President Trump will argue tomorrow night in the TV speech that a crisis at the US Mexico border requires the wall, he's demanding before ending the partial government shutdown. This passenger at the Atlanta airport agrees. President Tump.

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