Trump revives threats to withhold FEMA funds from California fire recovery


President Trump is threatening to withhold money to help California cope with wildfires day. After governor Gavin Newsom asked him to double the federal investment in forest management. Trump again suggested poor forest management is to blame for California's deadly wildfires and said, he's ordered female to stop giving the state money unless they get their act together. Newsom democrat who took office Monday said Californians affected by wildfires should not be victims to partisan bickering. Several Republican lawmakers who represent the town of paradise which was leveled by a fire in November that killed eighty six. People say Trump's tweet was not helpful the US says talks in Beijing on ending a bruising trade war focused on Chinese promises to buy more US goods, but it gave no indication of progress on resolving disputes over Beijing's technology ambitions and other thorny issues. China's ministry of commerce said. Today, the two sides would maintain close contact. Well, if you think it's annoying when other people talk in the movies, you might find it really annoying when they sing. But after taking home Golden Globe awards for best drama and best actor on Sunday. Bohemian rhapsody is inviting fans to sing along FOX. And new regency have announced they'll release a special sing along version of the Queen bio-pic in seven hundred fifty locations across the US and Canada beginning tomorrow. That's awesome. Awesome. Yeah. That's awful sing along in the theater. So that's awful. I mean as long as you'll continue singing wants, the movie resumes like sing along during the single anything more annoying. What's the people? I want to watch the movie find you are disinvited from my ticket this Friday. Thanks, jen. Twenty two minutes after the hour on this morning. America's

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