Kansas City Chiefs defeat Indianapolis Colts


We will join the AFC division game between the patriots and the chargers. And then following that. We'll get the NFC. Division game between the Philadelphia Eagles who travel to New Orleans to face the New Orleans Saints. And then the racing report was saying the Sunday supplement and Willie from nine to midnight tomorrow night. So that's your Sunday rundown. Yeah. Let's talk a little NFL little colts with Ricky in Indiana. Ricky what's going on? Fantastic. Brother. What'd you think? Are you? Well, yeah, we're waiting on the Los Angeles Rams season to end because it looks like Zack Taylor the quarterbacks coach is going to become the next head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals. So more power to the Rams and does act Taylor. Get a new coach in here. And let's get this program. Back on track. Because I don't believe it's one of the worst jobs that were opened in the National Football League. You've got a patient owner you've got out several outstanding players you just gotta keep adding to that Ed to the offensive line. And you know, Rick I can live with Devon white because I mean every mock draft see has LSU linebacker Devon white six one to forty. He's an absolute stud going to the Bengals at number eleven my feeling is. And I like the Bengals quarterback. Andy Dalton the red rifle. I think he can get you to the playoffs. I don't thinking he can win you a Super Bowl and a guy. Can I believe is Dwayne Haskins some day, and I like the Bengals to draft a quarterback into Wayne Haskins. He probably won't last two eleven. So you might have to go up trade up and get him. Okay. He's probably gonna go to the New York Jets or giants at six. Okay. And what what I'm afraid of is it the Pittsburgh Steelers knowing that Ben Rothlisberger is on the eighteenth tee of his career what one year max to me probably next year. Really should be it for Ben. They could definitely trade Antonio Brown because he is absolutely fallen out of favor with that franchise. Get a first round pick for him and use those picks to move up and take twain Haskins and. A whole bunch of Buckeye fans will become Steeler fans. No doubt. If that happens. So Ricky, and I know you're looking forward to baseball season, brother. So am I we're gonna talk who's going to be the reds center fielder? You got any predictions for me? Right now. Right. Well, I'm gonna put my chips to the middle of the table. And I'm gonna take Philip Ervin. Let's give him a chance and brother, we will talk soon. Appreciate the call from Valparaiso, Indiana, man. You are the man. Thanks so much Rik in Valparaiso Brandon's in Indianapolis, Brandon. What is going on paychecks for a little bit disappointed with I'm disappointed with the I like the Bengals stupid. I'm a colts fan. And what? Yeah. That was disappointing. They just couldn't generate anything and this this could be at for Adam venit, Terry. It is. I think it is what he's had a great career. You know? But I I don't know if it's the weather had an impact, you know. But I think Kansas City now takes I mean, I don't know if they can beat nor I could be wrong. You don't want everyone account New England out. But I thought we had a chance trickster, and I think a lot of people giving the colts a chance because. Defense is effective. But today, I think they just showed what they are about. You know, I think whoever has to go there. It's going to be hard for if it is New England or the chargers, but you never wanna Brady out. But I don't know. I think this year the chiefs get that stick it to them just kind of a morbid sense of if the New England wins tomorrow to have them get run out of the gym at Arrowhead. I would love it. Sorry. New England Patriots fans, but van I am tired of them in the in the AFC title game. I I am to see it as far as as far as the Bengals go. I I hope I hope they get the right coach. You know? I, you know, I mean, you know, the the Rams seasons. Don't go one. In hope. I wish the best for Marvin. I think he was a nice guy and all time for a change. But with the quarterback situation you were talking about Dwayne Haskins if the Bengals could draft him somehow cut me, they tried the read rightful or. Kind of like an AJ McCarron type deal if he would he would tutor Dwayne Haskins for a year and then Andy move on and make bigger dollars. Elsewhere. He would be trae trading. Yeah. He could he's like Alex Smith he could make a bunch of money elsewhere. But but the, but but groom Dwayne Haskins free year Dwayne takes over and twenty twenty. Andy Dalton moves on. I don't want to hear about what you're saying. Is you don't think doll the guy that can get you over the hump and away? Correct. Yeah. I think it probably win you a playoff game. I don't think you can get you to a Super Bowl and other that great guy. He's a good career. He's a good player. But I need an impact player taking snaps. As far as you say real quick. I know you won't get so much time as far as you see. Because were going on. 'cause I mean with not follow Butler, and because I'm from here. But. Did listen to you? See I don't think there's good as last year with oh, look who all you lost. But obviously football game tonight. But I did hear Macron's comment. He was not happy. But I think they're going to be okay. I guess against they're still NCWA. You probably know more about fourteen in three, and this is a very balanced deeper American athletic conference, and I'm loving the fact that Wichita states in there, and it's bringing back memories of the old Missouri valley when I was a kid, and that was the best conference in the land. And Brandon I gotta run man. Thanks. Yeah. Baby. I mean, I think so I really do. Yeah. They're starting to find themselves in just a huge boost to beat to beat Georgetown into comeback. Like they did. Thanks so much. I appreciate it. And I want to talk a little Cincinnati Reds when we return who is going to play center field for this club. And I wanna talk a little bit of the lineup one through eight man. Yeah. When we return

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