Should Philip Rivers be MVP?

First and Last


Philip rivers will win the MVP Reeler fake that one is unfortunately fake. And I love Philip rivers. I've been beating down on the table for the Philip rivers MVP conversation to happen. And it deserves to as does the Andrew luck. MVP conversation deserves to happen. The way to their compliment that being said come on man Patrick Mahomes through a Nola pass yesterday. Once I saw that like we talked about the Heisman getting doled out the NFL has been littered with Heisman moments this year from Patrick Mahomes. I don't know if there's any more fitting phrase that existed on planet earth yesterday. Then at the end of that game as things are winding down for Andy Reid and this team game on the line and they gained forty eight yards for the chiefs Sunday fourth down in nine call that about sums up their offense this year, they raise any sort of deficit they race any sort of yardage marker. And they do it because Patrick Mahomes throws. No, look passes and doesn't care. Waking up feeling dangerous will be trademarked real or fake. Oh, this is real is real gets. Now, we remember our from Baker mayfield's famously stood up at a press conference said this when I woke up this morning. I was feeling pretty dangerous. Real dangerous. Well, another win in the books for the brownies this year, and you can imagine it's catching fire. Know the answer that one. I mean, come on. If we don't see that in a t shirt in the near future someone there and Baker mayfield's camp. Do the right thing as they continue to send the Panthers down this strange spiral with the Browns twenty six twenty win yesterday. Baker in his crew, we're going to be making some money off that very soon that is real you can book it. However, you want to say it around here. We know that's true.

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