Former NHL player Andrew Ference explains his new position


And we reserve this when we have special guests, namely someone who is make sure that the business card right here working for the NHL doing social impact, growth and legislative affairs. You may know him better as the former NHL defenseman with Calgary, Pittsburgh, Boston and the Edmonton. Oilers, welcome Andrew farance to the thirty one thoughts podcast is fantastic here, and I'm surrounded by Bruins memorabilia, tastic thank you still come to all. Two thousand eleven we're going to get a lot of those Boston Bruins. But I got the business card, right, social impact, growth, and legislative affairs. And my kids look at me with like complete confusion when I say that I I only have my BA. So explain what that means. So it's a new department that the Commissioner put together with my boss, Kim Davis who came in in January, I came in March, and it really does cover everything that said there, we do everything from hockey fights cancer to divert diversity inclusion hockey's for everyone programs all the way to government work in auto on DC. A lot of the stuff that I do is built on infrastructure infrastructure support for places that are games played and not just like pro arenas, but community rinks and all the way down to street hockey. So if you knew when you were playing that you'd be doing this post career, would you have done anything differently. Where does this seem like a natural progression? A man I think this is kind of what I wanted to do. Yeah. I mean, I always had stuff going on outside the game. Some of it was directly related to hockey. I mean did a lot with any green and the environment to work. So I had counterparts at the NHL that I knew well had different connections through union work. You know, whether that was through CBS negotiations went not but made relationships with the NHL through through that. So I was had a bit of an eye on the NHL and my last two years when I was playing an Emerson I actually finished up some school through through Harvard extension through corporate sustainability innovation so put some meat on the bones around somebody environmental work. And you know, I thought the Commissioner would like that too. If I if I was trying to twist his arm about giving me a job at the league. So I always knew I was going to do something. And I I never liked travelling on buses and and putting on the miles on the road. So I was pretty sure that scouting or coaching down in the minors or junior was not not in the cards for me. So steam in the game in somewhere and other, you know, you're you're somewhat limited after that. And businesses the way to go. So you're a member of the Calgary Flames team that went to the Stanley Cup final against Tampa in two thousand and four and one of the players on that team told me that you, and I think it was he mentioned again LA in the late Steve monitor us. To have some pretty epic conversations about things that would not normally be discussed in dressing rooms are on planes. Like, he said, and I hope I have the people, right? Who would be involved in these conversations? But there would be things like the Middle East peace process or stuff like that. People.

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