Bryce Harper sweepstakes could heat up at winter meetings


Remember the days, right? It's out of Thursday morning. Friday morning is the rule five draft and that ends the proceedings there at the winter meetings. But when you get it. The winter as he got everybody in one place Arab Vegas, and they're going to be all packed into one hotel. And you know, every you have front offices up in a sweet, and they meet every day, basically live up there. You got the reporters walking the hallways. Really unique kind of set up something like MLB network will have their whole studio set up in the middle. Guess wouldn't be in the middle of the game floor there. But in one of the wings of the casinos. So it'll be. Rumer central and that job is everybody talks every little thing becomes a big rumor in typically, we talked about Jayson stark a little bit earlier tonight. You don't always have a whole lot of action at the winter meetings, especially early on and sometimes it will build up. But a lot of big moves already here as Paul Goldschmidt is traded for by the cardinals the Mets with their big move. In fact, they every single one of the teams in the NFL as except the Marlins is already had a big strike so far this off season. But where I am curious now is what happens with Manny Machado and Bryce Harper. The Yankees did not get Patrick Corbin. We have all this money to spend. I gotta take the Yankees are going to end up with one of those two and the Phillies you'd figure it'd be the landing spot for the other the national spend a lot of money on Corbin out. They get puts them out on Bryce Harper. But we just haven't seen them tied to. That many teams every fan base. I guess want Machado one Harper, but the actual teams and the rumor mill really has it started on them yet. And it's been the rest of the free agent market. It's been you know, kinda pick that to to this point Soviets Tennessee starting up on Sunday as to what the Mets still need to accomplish. Even after the deal this week had a chance to catch up. Nelson Figueroa best in why earlier tonight, we'll have

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