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Aaron monkey the creator of law has posted his advice to anyone aiming for podcast success in two thousand nineteen in long Twitter, thread, our favorite, no ten minute. Random small talk mess before the real topic begins. Yes. To that. In an opinion piece. Juillet Atlantique Williams says that twenty nine nineteen should be a year where podcasting battles and east. Coast. Bias listen note, so launch something new and clever. Real time podcast listening the podcast episodes being listened via. Listen notes right now too clever thing there are over two thousand audiobooks on Spotify. Not that you'd know spooks, which we presume Spotify and books is an app, which attempts to find them all for you. You'll find it on Google play. And the apple app store. Imagine that your IRA glass is audio editor we've linked to some detailed mix notes of IRAs. Also, danielle. And Gert van de veteran. Explain how they earn money from podcasting in the latest pod products newsletter. It's in Dutch, and they have five different ways of which podcasting is successful for them podcast. Casto's megaphone has told its customers at the company now has a pass through agreement in place with Spotify which means that dynamic ads and metrics should work within megaphone as they do for other platforms and Spotify will no longer cash. Those podcasts simple cast is in the process of -taining AB certification. They joined vox nest and spreaker megaphone Lipson Omni studio and art nineteen and with blueberry and MPR already having achieved it that's over a quarter of a million dollars that the I has earned so far from certification. And the financial times has written and excited post about twenty eighteen in podcasting which silently languishes behind their pay wall. But one shouldn't underestimate the type of people who read the F T. Thank you today marks Surin hugger moolah. Who is our latest supporter. He writes and podcasts. About podcasts in Danish. You should be like Seren pod. News dot net slash support in podcast musician. Be Beeman is releasing his latest album as a podcast peace of mind is thick with timely, social commentary, and needs the type of unpacking the to deep dive podcast provides it'll be released on January the eighteenth Brisbane-based head over heels is just posted a new mini season for the holiday period task Cam. And audio company has a fortnightly podcast called task Cam talk back and tomorrow will launch a Facebook group for podcasters and Kabul in Afghanistan is the first place, you'd think of somebody mentioned rock music, but it had quite a thriving music scene. Once upon a time live in Kabul is a new four part miniseries with real rock and roll stories.

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