No doubt MbS behind Khashoggi murder: Republican senators


Following a briefing by the director of the CIA, gene hospital. US senators said that there is no doubt that crown prince Mohammed bin Salman should be held accountable for the murder of the Saudi journalist Jamaica Shoghi kashogi was killed on October. The second after entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to obtain documents needed for his upcoming marriage hustle met with democrat and Republican senators yesterday and they've now vowed to take action against Saudi Arabia. Well, joining me in the studio is Bill Lou who's a Middle East analyst, and who was also a friend of Jamaica Shoghi. Elizabeth KENDALL Buhl also be joining us. She's a senior research fellow in our bec- at Pembroke college. Oxford Bill, let's just talk about Gina hospital. Now, she's the head of the CIA. The agency's been quite clear about who it thinks is responsible for this. But of course, she was kept away from the initial briefing. Tell us tell us what the CIA has said, well, essentially, they have confirmed what everyone has been saying really for quite some time that it's very clear abundantly clear from. The evidence that they have acquired, including these electronic messages that that the moments Amman was very much involved in the murder of Hashem Rosie in the in the consulate in Istanbul. What's what's interesting is the junior hospital was prevented from going to the Senate to just last week. Mr. pale, the sectors state engine, manufactured fence were the ones who went. And I think that was a blunder I think it was a serious blunder by by Trump because it damages both a pump Heo and Mattis as well as as President Trump. And I think to put this into context with tend to a look at all these statements that come out of the White House said about various actors and players on the world, San, but this is unprecedented. This is a very senior members of the of the ruling Republican party attacking an ally in no uncertain terms. Calling him crazy saying we will not do business with this, man. Speaking about really, a a mental aberration. And and being appalled at what he has been told. And what he's heard. So it's an unprecedented step that that is that is that is unrivalled. And I think it's going to be damaging for Trump. I think it's going to be damaging for the people that support him. And really, I you know, my home. Convince Oman obviously now is on very very thin ice as you say unprecedent to attack an ally like that, but also hugely problematic for the Senate to go. So against what the president to say. Yes. An and because it's leading Republicans supporters vocal supporters of of Trump that have carried this attack out. So it's not just an attack on Amman is an attack on the strategy that somehow we can maintain a relationship with my mind because we need Saudi Arabia now, what Lindsey Graham was saying. I'm making a distinction here. Saudi Arabia is not NBS an and really that's a road perhaps out of this mess. Don't trump. But when you look at Saudi Arabia right now, it is MBA because he controls everything the economy, the military security system. And and and now really the challenge is can there's some space be created. So those within the ruling found in Saudi Arabia can start the process of actually getting rid of. I'm on..

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